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Application is simple, & innovative

Right from the get go, (back in 2006), Beachport have always believed in water medication because every animal has to drink, and that’s why we’re so passionate about our unique 3-in-1 formulation derived from kelp/seagrass extract, fulvic acid, and chelated elements. Beachport products won’t break down or separate when dispensed into water because of the innovative …

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How supplements can help in Drought conditions

As a hands-on stockman for over 40 years, my heartfelt thoughts go out to all that are caught up in these drought conditions, there is nothing more depressing to a livestock person than seeing their livestock that they have put their heart and soul into, slipping right in front of them. My passion is our …

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Out of Kimberley hardship comes great success

I have returned to a region of Australia, the Kimberley, that as a stockman is dear to my heart, sure the region itself is truly beautiful but the people of this whole region truly deserve the term “salt of the earth”. The livestock producers in this area have done so much in the last 20 …

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The world’s strongest insect – the hidden paddock workers

The dung beetle! You wouldn’t believe how strong these little paddock workers are and the truly remarkable benefits above and below the ground. These little critters have great effects on your soil, pasture, global warming, reducing the population of bush fly and improving cattle grazing and nutrient recycling. 2 common types of dung beetles in …

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Drones in farming – Imagine the endless opportunities

A drone can be used in multiple farming scenarios; from creating a video during mustering to using it as a marketing tool for an up-and-coming bull or ram sale. Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone can assist you in checking water points, calving cows or lambing ewes, and all from the comfort of your vehicle …

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Beachport Liquid Mineral’s Biggest Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is held by businesses, individuals and community groups throughout May and June annually. This event is an opportunity for family, friends, work mates and community members to come together over a cup of tea and piece of cake, whilst raising money to support the work of the Cancer Council. The funds …

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The 6 Australian Organic Certification Bodies

Who do you contact to become organically certified in Australia? The Australian government has an Organic & Biodiversity Standard and gives authority to 6 certification bodies in Australia to administer certification to the national organic standard. The 6 certification bodies all use the national organic standard as a base standard. The organic certification bodies currently …

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Queensland Country Life article ‘Quilpie works mulga magic’

It’s been a long time since substantial rain fell on Stewart and Tracy Sargent’s 49,000-hectare beef property Granville, 65km north of Quilpie. With just 150mm of their 325mm average annual recorded in 2013, the Sargents are certainly living in one of the regions hardest hit by the current drought. But the ability of their Droughtmaster …

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Campdrafting in Australia

What is Campdrafting? “What’s that?” is usually the question fired back at me when I tell people that I’m off to spend the weekend watching my family and friends campdraft. My initial explanation, just to keep it simple, is “It’s like barrel racing, but with a cow out on course”. However, the sport itself is …

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Certified Organic Liquid Supplement for Livestock

As consumers demand green options at the supermarket, the food production industry is seeing a natural progression towards natural ingredients. With more and more producers asking us about organic supplementation options for their livestock, Beachport Liquid Minerals is proud to announce our new premium organic range! What’s different about the new organic range? There is …

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A rare green tinge: How a wet season can affect your livestock

I have been in the Australian livestock industry for over 45 years. During that time, I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout Australia. Though, in the past February, I’ve noticed something that I’ve never before seen at this time of year. In the middle of February, myself and Beachport Liquid Minerals new WA Regional …

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2017 CEO Report

I can’t help reflecting on a year, that for the livestock industry in general, has been a year to remember. As always there are exceptions, with the dairy industry under immense pressure with very unfair pricing structures for them. Grain prices are low because of excellent harvest all over Australia. That brings me to our …

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Cowgirl Australia

Why BLM Horse Supplements Are Now More Accessible Than Ever

Whether you’re campdrafting, mustering or riding for pleasure, you’ll understand the importance of giving your horse a chance to recover. Long days of exercise can take their toll on your horses and can result in dehydrated and stressed animals. BLM’s Red Cap product is a liquid horse supplement that is specially designed to provide the …

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Compass Run Finish

Compass Run – 19,208km over 54 days

– Article written by Charlie Crossley, Beachport Liquid Minerals NT/QLD Regional Manager – To say this was a small ride for charity is an understatement. The ride was challenging from the outset and even before we started. Leaving Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane on 28th October at 8am, we then made our way to Princess Alexander …

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Top and Second Top Priced Bulls at Fitzroy Crossing Annual Bull Sale 2016

By the light of a Kimberley moon: Fitzroy Crossing’s Annual Bull Sale.

It was with great pleasure that I returned to one of my favourite places in Australia recently to catch up with some of the most genuine and friendly people I know. The reason for my visit back to this beautiful region was the 10th Annual Bull Sale held at Fitzroy Crossing, now run (very successfully, I might add) …

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