Red Cap

Improve your horse's rehydration & recovery

The Beachport Liquid Minerals Red Cap is formulated specifically to benefit horses after times of work or stress. With the benefits of a trace element combination, electrolytes and amino acids suitable for the equine industry, the Red Cap liquid supplement for horses is designed to assist horses after strenuous work to bring them back up, to help with growing out young horses and also broodmares.

Benefits of Red Cap

  • Application flexibility – can be used in water supply or mixed with feed.
  • Key trace elements to aid in muscle protein, muscle strength and function, coat health and condition, growth rate, reproduction, lactation and also the immune system.
  • Amino acids and electrolytes in the Red Cap help a horse’s recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • Kelp / Seagrass extract with over 90 different natural nutrients are included for overall health of the horse.
  • This product DOES NOT contain UREA
  • 3-year shelf life

Application Methods

All Beachport Liquid Minerals products are designed for ease of use and flexibility to suit your program. The Red Cap horse supplement can be used in the water trough pouring directly into the trough or mixed with feed. For best results, Red Cap is designed for rehydration after strenuous work, not before. See below for further information on each application method.

Red Cap horse supplement’s best method of application is via the water supply. With most Beachport Liquid Minerals products, we would usually recommend using the BLM Dispenser but because you will be using smaller amounts for horses, it is best to pour straight into the water supply.

DOSE STEPS for multiple horses

  • Work out how many horses on water point & multiply by 20mls for mature horses, 10mls for younger and light horses.
  • Split the total amount in half and dose in two applications over two days.
  • Splitting the total dose ensure’s product is evenly dosed.
  • For horses not in work, repeat the above process every 2 weeks for health & condition.


DOSE STEPS for individual horse

  • Dose amount: 20mls for mature horses, 10mls for younger and light horses.
  • Pour dose amount directly into the water supply.
  • For horses not in work, repeat the above process every 2 weeks for health & condition.
  • Mix the required amount of Red Cap horse supplement with a volume of water that is sufficient to be able to evenly poured onto the feed.
  • Add an extra 10% the product to allow for wastage.
  • Dose over 2 applications (not one) – unless only dosing individual horse.
  • If you are dosing an individual horse, dose can be applied directly onto feed in one application.

Key times of use

  • For horses not in work, Red Cap can be used year round at 2 week intervals for health & condition
  • Directly after strenuous exercise for horses in work
  • For racehorses, do not use within 2 weeks prior to horses racing. Red Cap is designed for rehydration and recovery after strenuous work.


To get best results for horses in work or stress:

  • 20mls Red Cap liquid horse supplement for mature horses after strenuous exercise.
    20mls per horse, per 2 weeks (No more than 60mls per 6 weeks).
  • 10mls for younger & lighter horses every 2 weeks. (No more than 30mls per 6 weeks).

Can be added to water supply or mix with feed. Refer application guidelines.


Drum SizePer 20ml DosePer year (26 Doses)
1L Bottle$1.43$37.18
5L Drum$0.75$19.50

Target Analysis

Every batch of Beachport Liquid Minerals product has an individual analysis by a NATA accredited Laboratory available. The table below is the target analysis for Red Cap.

Essential ElementsTarget ResultUnit

This product also contains electrolytes (via fulvic acid) & amino acids (via kelp/seagrass extract).

Clear Sky Performance Horses Benger, WA

We are seeing better results in our young stock in terms of growth and condition with Red Cap.

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Maddy Humphrey – Elders Toowoomba Toowoomba, QLD

I have seen just about every fang dangled new and improved horse supplement on the market! Nothing compares to BLM Red Cap.

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Taelor Toomey Charters Towers, QLD

My filly has been on Red Cap and she is blooming!

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