Maddy Humphrey – Elders Toowoomba

Toowoomba, QLD

Working within an animal health sector in a rural reseller business, believe me, I have seen just about every fang dangled new and improved horse supplement on the market! I’ve tried most but nothing has compared to BLM Red Cap, not only result wise but at a cost of 42c/dose once a fortnight, it’s a clear winner!

I have 2 ASH geldings which I muster, campdraft, (well, I participate in and regularly donate my money to!) teamsort, cut and pleasure ride on. Both are brown/black “wannabe” black beauties but without rugging and expensive supplements, they fade back to brown. They are on 80ac of pasture but are only fed a ‘token’ meal, so they come up to get rugged and I can check that they’ve still got 4 legs each. They are both precious things and are fussy with feeds, so I was apprehensive about putting 20ml over their small chaff feed. Well, they licked the feeder clean! Since swapping to BLM Red cap, my feed bill has drastically reduced, no more expensive supplements and my horses have actually picked up more condition and are looking brilliant with their glossy black coats. Internal health on the inside just glows on the outside! Improved feed conversion and feed utilization.. ahem… “Jenny Craig” paddock time!

I’ll also mention, my Grandfathers 36 yr old ASH gelding has gone through another 2 winters we didn’t see him making since being on BLM Red Cap. He significantly picked up condition and even cantered up and blocked a beast at the water trough the other day!

I would highly recommend BLM Red Cap to anyone, especially those out west who can’t justify time and dollars feeding expensive supplements daily, to horses in large paddocks. Water dose or pour over feed once a fortnight! Too easy!

- Maddy Humphrey

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