In the supplement market for 11 years, Beachport Liquid Minerals is a trusted family company with a ‘real’ commitment to rural Australia.

We manufacture and distribute liquid livestock supplements for cattle, sheep and horses. We aim to broaden and strengthen the knowledge of livestock producers in Australia on a paradigm shift of supplementation for livestock.

One of our goals was to create a versatile, safe and beneficial product that is easily administered, saving livestock producers’ time and money.


Kym Sutherland CEO

I became dedicated to finding a supplementation solution for improving the health and wellbeing of livestock throughout Australia.

The company was started by livestock consultant, Kym Sutherland, who understands the value of trace elements to livestock and wanted formulations to be more suited to the needs of livestock. From growing up on the land and seeing the benefits of seagrass incorporated into the feed of livestock, supplementation has always been a keen interest of Kym’s, along with his passion for the agriculture industry, animal nutrition and drive to improve feed conversion.

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Our Mission

To be the supplementation solution of choice for improving the health and wellbeing of livestock and be the number one supplementation company, providing excellence in customer assistance and advice, delivery and ongoing service.

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Meet the Team

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Kym established BLM in 2006 and has remained very hands on with his focus on building client relationships and assisting producers customize their supplementation plan.

Growing up on the land and being apart of the livestock industry his whole life his passion is what started the company and for the main reason for its success today.

FUN FACT: Kym has been known to lose his mobile phone in some interesting places.

His family values, love for livestock and desire to simply make a difference and help other livestock producers is an admired quality by most that meet Kym. In his down time, Kym loves to play golf and take the grandkids out on his boat for a cruise down the Nelson river.

To discuss your livestock supplementation plan with Kym, please give him a call or send an email.

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As co-founder of BLM Chris’s role works closely with her husband Kym. They are a very tight knit couple planning their busy schedule attending key events and visiting clients. Chris loves to travel and hear the stories of clients and livestock producers from around Australia.

Her key strengths stem from her involvement in setting up the company and growing it to a National level. Anyone that knows Chris understand her passion for pearls developed from time spent in Broome WA, one of the favourite places to visit.

FUN FACT: Chris is known for her uncanny knowledge of shopping centres all over Australia.

To get in touch with Chris regarding your livestock nutrition plan with BLM, please give her a call or send an email.

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Charlie comes from an extensive background in the livestock industry through his early years jackarooing and working in animal health, before embarking on a 17 year career with Elders. He was involved in everything from Farm Supplies, Regional Sales Manager, Animal Health Specialist and Hub Manager, just to name a few.

Charlie came on board as our QLD Regional Manager at the start of 2015, based in Townsville. He is an extremely valuable member of our team now looking after North QLD & NT, providing backup support to stores and seeing clients on property to help improve their supplementation plans.

FUN FACT: Recently travelled around Australia on motorbike with 3 other mates raising funds and awareness for rare cancers for Without a Ribbon.

If you are based in North QLD or NT and have a general enquiry about your livestock nutrition supplementation plan, please give Charlie a call or send him an email.

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Jacqui starting working for BLM after 9 years experience at Elders in Mount Gambier focusing on sales of farm supplies and animal health. Jacqui has been a ‘Jac of all trades’ since she started with us in 2014. Starting off in admin, she worked into a role helping with Marketing and Sales.

With her bubbly nature and knowledge of the livestock industry, she was soon promoted to our Regional Manager for SA & VIC, supporting all our distributors and providing customer support and advice to clients in those areas. Jac keeps busy on the road and in the office taking your calls.

FUN FACT: Jac is obsessed with shoes, owning well over 150 pairs! Her Beagle puppy Eva also has an obsession with shoes and has ended up at the vet after eating one (or 2) pairs!

If you are based in SA or VIC and have a general enquiry about your livestock nutrition supplementation plan, please give Jacqui a call or send her an email.

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Annual Reports

2016 CEO Report With good rains in a lot of regions of Australia and a lift in the value of livestock, our products value is being felt in all sectors of the livestock industry. The Green cap has shown huge $$$ returns with very little outlay for our clients with the added benefit of increased value of livestock.… Read More
2015 CEO Report We enter 2015 at last with an improvement in prices in both cattle and sheep, although this is a two edge sword for some that have had to destock at depressed prices and now have to restock at higher prices, such is the life of the Australian livestock producer. As Chris & I travel Australia… Read More
2014 CEO Report To say 2013 has been a tough year for Australian livestock producers with tumbling livestock prices and an ever worsening drought in most parts of QLD, some of the NT and Western NSW would be an understatement.  The start of 2014 has seen these producers pushed to their limits both financially and emotionally. The response… Read More
2013 CEO Report To have our Beachport Liquid Minerals products now so widely recognised and used throughout Australia, both in our traditional core business of sheep and beef cattle producers and also to see the interest and growth in the feedlot and dairy industry, is to me, very personally satisfying. With our product readily available at Elders and… Read More
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2015 Brands SA Regional Awards Finalist
2015 Women in Business, Best Business Award Winner
2015 Telstra Business Awards Finalist
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