In the supplement market for over 16 years, Beachport Liquid Minerals is a trusted family company with a ‘real’ commitment to rural Australia.

We manufacture and distribute liquid livestock supplements for cattle, sheep, and horses. With a genuine care and passion for the livestock industry, we strive to improve the performance, health and wellbeing of livestock throughout Australia.

One of our goals was to create a versatile, safe and beneficial product that is easily administered, saving livestock producers’ time and money.


Kym Sutherland Founder / Owner

I became dedicated to finding a supplementation solution for improving the health and wellbeing of livestock throughout Australia.

The company was started by livestock consultant, Kym Sutherland, who understands the value of trace elements to livestock and wanted formulations to be more suited to the needs of livestock. From growing up on the land and seeing the benefits of seagrass incorporated into the feed of livestock, supplementation has always been a keen interest of Kym’s, along with his passion for the agriculture industry, animal nutrition and drive to improve feed conversion.

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Our Mission

To be known as a passionate company who genuinely cares about the livestock industry with a reputation as the supplementation solution of choice dedicated to improving the performance, health and wellbeing of livestock, saving livestock producers time & money.

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2015 Brands SA Regional Awards Finalist
2015 Women in Business, Best Business Award Winner
2015 Telstra Business Awards Finalist
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