Mission Statement

To be known as a passionate company who genuinely cares about our livestock industry, with a reputation as the supplementation solution of choice for improving animal performance, health and wellbeing, saving time and money.

Our aim is to broaden and strengthen the knowledge of livestock producers in Australia in a paradigm shift of supplementation for livestock. We will always be supportive of our industry, stand by our clients, let our products speak for themselves but be there for advice and support on an experienced level.  Above all, we will be genuine and loyal to our clients.

Beachport Ute and products on farm

Beachport Liquid Minerals Values

Our Values – F . A . R . M . E . R . S

Family values
We are a company built on honesty and family values. Our staff are the Beachport family. All staff are to put their families and their health first, maintain a safe, caring and happy work environment. We encourage the honouring of family values. Our staff work to assist each other in their roles so everyone can put family first.

Attention to detail
Quality is everything in manufacturing. To ensure consistently high quality and a safe, reliable product, our batches are always tested with NATA before they leave our headquarters. We pay scrupulous attention to detail in the presentation of our products and facilities. We take pride in our marketing and how our business is represented.

We will work to maintain a solid reputation for quality and service through commitment, knowledge and passion to help the livestock industry.

Motivate and inspire our rural stores and producer clients to improve our livestock industry. Encourage them and be positive about our industry and its future. Motivate fellow staff and be uplifting.

Excellence in customer service and delivery
We strive to exceed client expectations, be responsive, efficient and provide the right advice. We don’t make promises that we can’t meet. We value all clients no matter how large or small their buying budget is. We ensure delivery in the shortest possible time.

Respect fellow staff, customers and suppliers
Out of respect for other we are open to suggestions, such as new ideas and ways of improving the company. We take on board constructive criticism, we continuously look to improve, and we are understanding and supportive of each other. We never forget that our clients are the reason for our company success. Respect must always be given to customers and suppliers, even when you think they are wrong. We take a calm and respectful approach.

Support our industry
We are here to help improve the health and wellbeing of livestock. Never forget we are livestock producers first and our passion for livestock started this company. We are not a team of salespeople; we are information providers and a network of support. We let our products speak for themselves.