Organic Green Cap

A calmer animal performs better


Organic Green Cap is aimed at naturally calming livestock to improve ways of coping with stress during weaning, introduction and exit from feedlots, unfamiliar surrounds of yarding and transportation in both short haul and long haul trips.

Blended in conjunction with trace elements the Organic Green Cap helps livestock lower stress naturally and utilise the numerous natural occurring effects of electrolytes and amino acids in cattle and sheep.

Benefits of Organic Green Cap

  • One dose application
  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
  • High amino acid content (the building blocks of protein)
  • Readily absorbed by the rumen
  • Nil withholding period


  • Natural formulation aids in helping lower stress levels. A calmer animal travels better.
  • Decrease shrinkage during transportation
  • The animals don’t ‘empty out’ on the truck as much.
  • Application flexibility – for best results use in water supply but can be mixed with feed.
  • May help reduce dark cutters and assists with improving MSA grading.
  • Aids with ‘dead gut’ with animals going back onto feed and water more efficiently. Animals remain hydrated and retain moisture.


  • Animals cope better with separation and are easier to handle when stress levels are lowered.
  • Animals spend less time “Sulking” and return to feed and water sooner.
  • Helps reduce weaning time and stimulates the rumen.


  • Smoother induction
  • Animals go back to feed & water quicker with less downtime.
  • Increases feed conversion and help animals cope with the change of feed by stimulating the rumen.


CLICK HERE for NASAA Certified Organic Certificate of Registration & USDA NOP Compliance

Transport Guidelines

  • Never pour all the required amount of Beachport Liquid Minerals Organic Green Cap into the water trough in one application. The Aniseed in Organic Green Cap attracts animals but too much may in some cases make it too strong and they won’t drink. Also be aware that if you put it all in at once you take the risk of only the lead getting the product.
  • Always check that cattle are drinking the water after dosing the water with Organic Green Cap.
  • It takes Organic Green Cap at least 12 hours to get into the system of the animal and to ensure that all stock get an even amount of Organic Green Cap at least another 12 hours on dosed water.
  • NOTE: Don’t give the first dose of Organic Green Cap under 24 hours of trucking, it won’t work.

Dose with BLM Dispenser over 3 day period or for a shorter period of time split the dose evenly and refer manual trough application instructions.

EXAMPLE: If trucking 9.00 am Monday pour full amount in to tank Friday morning.

Pour required dose amount directly into tank at least 3 days before trucking. Make sure tank doesn’t overflow (Organic Green Cap will be lost via overflow) and allow tank to refill normally. This can be done up to a week before transport.

The more spread out the better.

EXAMPLE: If the numbers in the yard dictate that you need 9 litres of product, then pour 3ltrs in trough initially (afternoon), followed by a second dose of 3ltrs the next morning, followed by a third dose of 3ltrs later that afternoon. Ensure Cattle are drinking.

Can be dosed up to a week before with excellent results.

If treating a trough in a yard prior to trucking or with weaners just after separation and you are using a jug to pour the BLM (Organic Green Cap) into the trough it is critical that you DO NOT overdose the trough. It will have NO negative effect medically but you may risk having too much product available initially and the increased Aniseed smell and taste may reduce their water consumption.

Split into at least thirds and pour into trough in the early morning, late evening and early the next morning.

This application can be started up to a week before trucking with excellent results.

EXAMPLE: If trucking at 9.00am Monday, pour the green cap mixture onto hay Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a third of Beachport each day.

Mix the required amount of product with approx 50% water that is sufficient enough to be able to evenly pour onto the hay that’s been fed out.  Add an extra 10% of product to allow for wastage. Spread out the application over three day period prior to trucking.

Key times of use


Ideal time is 1 week to 3 days prior to trucking. To be dosed no less than 24hrs prior to trucking.


Add to water as soon as entry to yards or weaning paddock. Can be dosed 1 week prior to weaning to also reduce stress on cow.


For feedlots add to water as soon as entry to yards.


Calculated on animal’s weight.

DOSE RATES: Per head
100 – 200 kgs = 20mls
201 – 300 kgs = 30mls
301 – 400 kgs = 40mls
401kg plus = 50mls

For best results use 1 week to 3 days prior to trucking but can be used NO LESS than 24hrs before transport.

These amounts per head last for a 6 week period.

Drum SizePer 50ml dose
20L Drum$1.51
200L Drum$1.35
1000L IBC$1.22

DOSE RATES: Per head for 6 weeks
100 – 200 kgs = 20mls
201 – 300 kgs = 30mls
301 – 400 kgs = 40mls
401kg plus = 50mls

For feedlots and weaning add to water as soon as entry to yards or feedlot as per dose rates for cattle or sheep.

These amounts per head last for a 6 week period.

Drum SizePer 30ml dose
20L Drum$0.90
200L Drum$0.81
1000L IBC$0.72


For Sheep & Prime lambs dose NO LESS than 24 hrs before transport. For best results use 1 week to 3 days prior to trucking.

AgeDose Volume (mls)
Lambs under 30kgs5 mls
Adult Sheep10 mls
AgeDose Volume (mls)
Lambs under 30kgs5 mls
Adult Sheep10 mls
Drum SizePer 10ml Dose
20L Drum$0.30
200L Drum$0.27
1000L IBC$0.24

Target Analysis

Every batch of Beachport Liquid Minerals product has an individual analysis by a NATA accredited Laboratory available. The table below is the target analysis for Organic Green Cap.

Essential ElementsTarget ResultUnit

This product also contains electrolytes (via fulvic acid) & amino acids (via kelp/seagrass extract).

There may have been to higher concentration of the product poured straight into the trough if not using the BLM Dispenser. If not using the dispenser we recommend to split the dose amount equally over 3 days.

Organic Green Cap has more electrolytes (Fulvic Acid) which is the best electrolyte known to man, and also high amino acid level which stimulate the rumen and calms them down.

The Organic White Cap has all seven essential trace elements, phosphorus and sulphur, as well as all 10 essential amino acids for feed conversion and production and aids in trace element deficiencies.

We recommend our Red Cap supplement for horses as it is specifically designed for their general health and recovery after strenuous exercise. However, the Organic Green Cap can be beneficial for schooling and transporting untrained or stressed horses for a calming effect.

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