Beachport History

Since 2006, the quest for Beachport Liquid Minerals has been to bring sustainability and profitability together for the livestock industry. We do this by using natural and finite resources in a concentrated form, without waste, removing the reliance on daily supplementation while improving productivity in all facets of livestock production.

We are passionate about taking supplementation to a new level in our industry. With animal welfare and the environment in mind, we are helping to improve the health and wellbeing of livestock with our rumen protectant formulation, to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way for ruminants to utilise important amino acids and trace elements, enabling absorption straight into the bloodstream without the use of an injection.

Our unique 3-in-1 liquid combination of amino acids, fulvic acid and trace elements target improved feed conversion, aid in trace element deficiencies, reduce animal stress, improve conception rates and wool quality in sheep, to name just a few benefits.

This is all achieved via a simple and effective supplementation system. Our innovative method is reducing our industry’s carbon footprint, saving livestock producers time and money while also improving production. It’s a win for the industry – a complete circular economy.

 Made by livestock producers, for livestock producers //

Our founders, Kym and Chris Sutherland, hail from Beachport in the South Australia’s Limestone Coast region. This is also from where the company gets its name.

Raised on the land and seeing the benefits of kelp being fed to livestock, led to Kym’s passion for the industry and curiosity into the beneficial role that sea plants can play in animal nutrition.

Kym’s respected knowledge of livestock continues to be a large part of the company’s success. For more than 50 years he has managed properties and contributed to natural breeding programs, classing, genetic assessment, and animal nutrition research, while continuing the battle with trace element deficiencies on his own property, a problem he has faced most of his life.

Kym’s balance of experience and technical knowledge, ongoing dedication to innovation and technologies with our partnering company, along with support from nutritionists, scientists and university studies, gives the company a greater understanding of livestock needs and how to achieve successful results for a profitable and more sustainable future.

Our products are distributed via 14 warehouses around Australia. They are also available to purchase through rural merchandise stores, including Elders and Nutrien.