The Benefits of Beachport Liquid Minerals

The simple solution to supplementing your livestock

Beachport Liquid Minerals 3-in-1 supplements help with improved feed conversion of both dry and green feed, reduced trace elements deficiencies, decreased shrinkage in transit and introduction and exit from feedlots. It assists your livestock to experience improved fertility, lower stress levels, faster and calmer weaning, and better health overall.

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover the benefits other Australian livestock producers are achieving using Beachport Liquid Minerals by watching our video.

The BLM Difference

Livestock Feed Conversion

Beachport Liquid Minerals aids in the feed conversion of both dry and green feed for your livestock. Rather than waiting for pasture to turn, use supplements to help your livestock access available nutritional benefits year round.

Cost Effective

Our products are one of the most cost effective, livestock feed conversion, 3-in-1 mineral supplements on the market. For our White Cap solution, the cost is as low as $0.92 per dose for a cow/calf unit, every 6 weeks.

3-in-1 Combination

Beachport Liquid Minerals are a unique combination of electrolytes, 10 essential amino acids and 10 chelated trace elements, resulting in improved absorption & retention in the rumen. The fulvic acid component allows nutrients to be more effective and available in the blood stream for longer.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance includes individual NATA accredited batch analysis, with the batch analysis history and samples filed for later reference. Our livestock nutrition products are fine filtered and require certificates of purity on all ingredients used.

Ease of Use

Our supplements use simple application and dosing methods. The recommended dosing method is via the water supply with our BLM Dispenser, with an easy approach to calculating dose rates for the best and most cost effective results.


Beachport products have the versatility to be adapted to your property and livestock needs. For simple application, you can dispense into your livestock’s water supply or simply mix with feed or sprayed on pasture.

Product Assurance

Beachport supplements are safe and easy to use, and can be adapted to suit the requirements of all regions. Our happy clients are the best proof of the nutritional benefits of BLM products, with consistent improved rates in all regions in cattle, sheep and horses.


We pride ourselves on being an experienced agricultural business. Our strategically placed warehouses ensure prompt delivery Australia wide. Our team has backup support and expert knowledge of livestock to help our clients to use BLM to suit their individual needs.