The Benefits of Beachport Liquid Minerals

The simple solution to supplementing your livestock

Beachport Liquid Minerals 3-in-1 supplements can help with:

  • Improving feed conversion of dry and green feed
  • Reducing trace elements deficiencies
  • Decreasing shrinkage in transit
  • Introduction and exit from feedlots
  • Improving fertility
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Faster and calmer weaning
  • Better animal health overall

How Beachport is different - Improve sustainability and profitability of your livestock business

3-in-1 nutritional aid

Beachport Liquid Minerals supplements contain a unique combination of electrolytes, nine essential amino acids and 10 chelated trace elements.

Like an injection

Our 3-in-1 combination works similarly to an injection. The supplement is absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream via the small intestine, then lasts in the system for six weeks. The organic electrolyte component allows nutrients to be more effective and available in the bloodstream for longer.

Feed conversion help

Rather than waiting for pasture to turn, use supplements to benefit your livestock nutritionally all year round. Beachport Liquid Minerals helps with feed conversion of both dry and green feed.

Saves you money

Beachport is not a daily dose, its dosed once every 6 weeks. It’s dosed via the water supply over a 3-day period resulting in less transport, less labour, less stress on the animal and dollars back in your pocket. Our White Cap solution is as low as $0.95 per dose for a cow/calf unit, $0.19 for a sheep, dosed every six weeks (based on a 1000L IBC).

Quality assured

We know quality assurance is important. Every batch of Beachport undergoes individual NATA accredited analysis. We keep the analysis history and samples of every single batch. Our products are fine filtered and require certificates of purity on all ingredients. Our products are:

  • Feedsafe accredited
  • PCAS certified
  • NASAA Certified Organic (Organic White Cap and Organic Green Cap)
  • Compliant with U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (USDA NOP) (Organic White Cap and Organic Green Cap)

Easy to use

Dosing could not be simpler with Beachport. Using the Beachport Dispenser via your livestock’s water supply is easiest. Our Dose Calculator can help you get the best results for production – and your pocket. Our products can also be mixed with feed or sprayed on pasture.

See for yourself

Happy Beachport clients across Australia are the best proof that our supplements work! Tap here to hear from real producers who are achieving consistent improvement rates in cattle, sheep, goats and horses with Beachport.

Experienced support

Wherever you are, our expert team is here to help you get the most out of our products for your livestock business. We are an experienced agricultural business with 14 warehouses Australia-wide, so delivery is a breeze.