Starter Packs

Get started with our cost effective starter packs

Our value for money starter packs have been packaged to best suit first-time users of Beachport Liquid Minerals; to get you set up with empty drums and dispensers to administer the product through your water supply.  Available only with 200L or 1000L purchase. Both Starter Packs are available in White Cap, Green Cap, Blue Cap and Black Cap.

200L Starter Pack contains:

  • 200L drum of product
  • 2 x Empty 20L drums
  • 2 x BLM dispensers
  • 1 x Tap for the 200L drum
  • 1 x 3L BLM Measuring Jug
  • Prices vary depending on the product.

1000L Starter Pack contains:

  • 1000L tote of product
  • 12 x Empty 20L drums
  • 12 x BLM dispensers
  • 1 x 3L BLM Measuring Jug
  • Prices vary depending on the product.
Eversleigh & Wallace Vale Droughtmasters “Pine Hills” Wallumbilla, QLD

The product is beneficial all-year round regardless of seasonal conditions.

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Simon Walton – Australian Reproductive Technologies Wandal, QLD

Australian Reproductive Technologies provides reproductive biotechnologies to Australian beef and dairy producers. Although our technology is unparalleled in the laboratory, there are many factors beyond our control that have a…

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Johnson Partnership Kinchela via Kempsey, NSW

All in all I’m giving this product a very big thumbs up for my herd

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