Johnson Partnership

Kinchela via Kempsey, NSW

I like the dispenser on the bottle idea and the fact that this supplement was made of seaweed and apparently contained all sorts of amino acids etc. It’s pretty simple, basically, you just measure it out according to the number/size of cattle in your herd, pour it into the dispenser bottle and put the bottle in the trough.

Within 3-5 days I began to notice the cattle’s coats really cleaning up and all the dags of leftover winter coat falling out. 7 weeks later and I’m looking at almost different animals, with absolutely sleek, black, almost wet looking coats and shiny moist black noses.

While I’m on very rich green feed right now, I’ve seen a noticeable reduction in scours and the movements I’m seeing them do now don’t seem as runny at all.

All in all I’m giving this product a very big thumbs up for my herd at least, and at $8/head/year I’m quite happy with the cost vs improvement. I’ll cut back to drenching the cows twice a year, and the heifers/calves 3 times a year and that alone will cover the cost of this supplement.

- Johnson Partnership

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