Yellow Cap

Help combat grass tetany

The Yellow Cap High Magnesium product is formulated to specifically target increasing magnesium and amino acid levels in livestock to help combat grass tetany and milk fever in heavily pregnant females. It also helps to improve overall muscle function.

Magnesium, combined with key amino acids, is important for all major muscles such as the heart, rumen and uterus in ruminants.

Dosed once every three weeks, Yellow Cap helps to improve the health and performance of livestock at times when increased magnesium is required.

Beachport’s unique liquid supplements pass through the rumen without being broken down to be absorbed via the small intestine into the animals’ blood stream. From here it slowly releases in the blood stream, similar to an injection over a six-week period.

Benefits of Yellow Cap

Yellow Cap aids in:

  • Helping to combat sudden drops in magnesium levels in fresh green feed.
  • Combatting high nitrate levels in fresh green feed.
  • Preventing grass tetany and milk fever.
  • Pre-calving / pre-lambing nutrition, to benefit both mother and fetus.
  • Strengthening and improving survivability of a newborn.
  • Ensuring adequate magnesium levels in the bloodstream (dose every three weeks).


Additional benefits:

  • High amino acid content (the building blocks of protein).
  • Natural electrolytes for increased absorption and retention.
  • Includes kelp / seagrass extract with more than 90 different natural nutrients for overall health.
  • Three-year shelf life.
  • Less labour and cost as it’s not a daily application

Application Methods

The simplest and most effective method for Yellow Cap is via the water trough using our Beachport Dispenser, but it can be also used via a water tank, mixed with hay or through an inline system. See below for further information on each application method.


  • NOTE: First dose is always a full dose (50ml dose for breeders) to elevate levels and then a half dose (25mls) every 3 weeks to keep levels elevated through critical periods.
    • Work out how many stock are on the water point: e.g. First dose for 200 breeders x 50ml = 10L.
  • Then three weeks later continue to dose at half the dose rate every three weeks to keep magnesium levels elevated. e.g. 200 breeders x 25mls = 5L.
  • Measure 5L of Yellow Cap into a clean, empty 10L drum.
  • Screw the Beachport Dispenser tightly onto the drum.
  • Where possible, empty trough to ensure clean cool water.
  • Drop the drum with dispenser into the trough. It will automatically right itself into the correct position. The stainless-steel Beachport Dispenser will be under water.
  • Let the drum move freely around the trough – the stock will not be able to knock it out.
  • Leave the drum dispensing in the trough for at least three days. Return and empty the remaining water mix in the drum into the trough. Job’s done!
  • In three weeks, repeat the process!

The best method of application for our liquid supplements is via the water supply using the stainless-steel Beachport Dispenser, which simply screws onto an empty five, 10 or 20L drum. Empty drums are available to buy if required (if using your own drums ensure they have not previously contained poisons).

Drums must not be completely filled. There needs to be enough space left in the drum for air pressure to build and make the dispenser work. At least half of the drum needs to be filled to ensure effective flow rates.

The dispenser has an inlet and outlet that are constantly under water in the trough, trapping the air inside and maintaining constant air pressure. For every millilitre of product that is released through the outlet, approx. a millilitre of water is sucked back in. For example, if you put 15L of Beachport in a 20L drum, three days later this will have been replaced by 15L of water.

NOTE: DO NOT screw Beachport Dispenser directly onto a full drum of product. Allow the drum to move freely in the trough, as movement is part of the distribution of product. You can also add extra water in the drum if using low volumes of Beachport product. This will help to avoid too much air pressure in warmer weather, as it can force low volumes to dispense faster.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances can Beachport Liquid Minerals be mixed with other products in the water supply. This includes Urea.

Calculate the amount of product required based on the number of stock watering from the tank.

  • Pour the required amount directly into the tank. Do not turn off the tank – let it fill normally. If you have multiple tanks in line, dose the closest tank to stock.
    Beachport should not be put in a tank with excessive sediment. Make sure the tank is clean.
  • You can pour the dose directly into the tank, but make sure it doesn’t overflow. Check the tank has no leaks!
  • Do not turn off the tank water supply or you’ll risk your stock running out of water. Water flow is essential to allow the Yellow Cap to cloud in the water supply.

Calculate the amount of product needed by the number of livestock being fed out.

  • Mix Beachport product with enough water to cover most of the hay and ensure even dosage.
  • Add an extra 10% of product to allow for wastage.
  • Ensure at least two applications to ensure even distribution.

Key times of use

Use Yellow Cap at key times when grass tetany and milk fever are traditionally prevalent. Be proactive instead of reactive – prevention is the best cure! After first full dose, continue to dose at half the rates of other Beachport products and use every three weeks. This helps to stop magnesium levels from dropping at these critical times.

Beneficial for these key times:

  • Pre-calving/lambing: Treat six weeks prior to lambing and calving
  • Lactation: Dose every three weeks


It is recommended to halve the normal dose of Yellow Cap (compared to other Beachport Liquid Minerals products) to increase the frequency to three weeks to ensure magnesium levels do not drop. Refer dose rates below.

DOSE RATES: Per breeder unit
25mls per animal every three weeks.

EXAMPLE: 200 Breeders
200 breeders x 25 mls dose
Total 5,000 mls (5 litres)
of Yellow Cap for three weeks.

A breeder is any female being joined, they require an adult dose, 50 mls cattle 10 mls sheep. Once calves reach 200 kilograms doses rates need to be calculated for them on weight calculation for dry stock.

IMPORTANT: Beachport Liquid Minerals products are not a daily application process. Dose amounts are for a three-week period (one dose lasts three weeks.)

Calculated on animal’s weight.
DOSE RATES: Per head
100 – 200 kgs = 10mls
201 – 300 kgs = 15mls
301 – 400 kgs = 20mls
401kg plus = 25mls

These amounts per head are for a three-week period, not daily.


Drum SizePer 25ml Dose


The application frequency rate for sheep is once every three weeks via water or feed at the dose rates below, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.


AgeDose Volume (mls)Frequency
Lambs under 30kg2.5mls3 weeks
Adult Sheep5mls3 weeks


Drum SizePrice Per 5ml Dose
10L $0.15

Target Analysis

Every batch of Beachport is individually analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory. Below is the target analysis for Yellow Cap.

Essential ElementsTarget ResultUnit

This product also contains electrolytes (via fulvic acid) and amino acids (via kelp/seagrass extract).

Use Yellow Cap as a precautionary measure before high-risk seasonal conditions – i.e. when there is a threat of grass tetany. Use every three weeks throughout this period until there is adequate pasture again.

Beachport Liquid Minerals Yellow Cap is a tool to use in your grass tetany prevention program. Using Yellow Cap may help to prevent grass tetany, but it won’t cure/treat grass tetany if the animal is already showing clinical signs.

Beachport Liquid Minerals make feed conversion more efficient. This means that anything that goes down an animal’s throat is utilised more readily. For example, if Urea was put in the water at the same time at Beachport Liquid Minerals, the Urea will be 60% more available – and becomes a potential poison risk to stock. For the same reason, copper blocks for algae treatment should be removed before putting Beachport in. Copper blocks can be returned 4-5 days after the Beachport Drum has been taken out.

You can use Beachport Liquid Minerals in conjunction with licks and block (containing Urea). However, do not mix any liquid solution that contains urea with Beachport products or dose at the same time as Beachport products.

Steve McCourt, Le Wonga Salers Moorak, SA

B.L.M. works hand in hand with our management strategies to maximise the potential of our cattle.

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