BLM Dispenser

Water medication made easy

The stainless steel BLM Dispenser is extremely robust and specially designed to allow the fine sieved Beachport Liquid Minerals to meter out over 48-72 hours, allowing all animals on the water point to have access to the product. It simply screws onto a 5L, 10L or 20L drum.

The dispenser works on air and water pressure so water replaces the product in the drum over the dosing period. Allow the drum to move freely in the trough, as movement is part of the distribution of the product.

The dose rates remain the same as per the instructions on the drum or refer DOSE RATE instructions for the product you are using. Maximum dose rates for a breeder unit is 50mls for cattle & maximum 10mls for ewes.

DO NOT exceed 18L of product in a 20L drum or 8L in a 10L drum to ensure at least 2L is left for air pressure.

Our stainless steel dispenser is robust and simple to use, however, it is designed specifically for our products which have a specific gravity and viscosity. We can make no recommendations on its suitability with any other products.

Marc Ross – Lanstal Park Pinjarra, WA

Since we started using the Beachport we have noticed a huge difference in both animal health and fertility...

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Sean Dillon, Surbiton Station Alpha, QLD

There were less (if any) of the “poor doers” or straggly calves and they all appeared to be stronger, better developed calves

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Johnson Partnership Kinchela via Kempsey, NSW

All in all I’m giving this product a very big thumbs up for my herd

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