Why water medication is the answer for livestock supplementation

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The issues traditionally argued around water medication have been solved.

All stock must drink, so there is continuity in the supply of supplementation in their water supply.

As the founder of Beachport Liquid Minerals, the cornerstone of my belief is to keep livestock in their paddocks and don’t stress them unnecessarily. The other strong belief that has never wavered is the belief water medication of supplements is the most natural, efficient and effective way to evenly supplement livestock. These strong beliefs come from over 40 years of hands-on experience working with livestock. To now be able to say this with absolute confidence I had to solve the problems that were associated with water medication in years gone past.

What have Beachport Liquid Minerals achieved in comparison to traditional supplementation methods:

  • Urea has been replaced by natural amino acids, so toxicity is not a risk.
  • It’s not a daily dose, but works like an injection, using water as the carrier.
  • Water quality and volume of water doesn’t need to be calculated as the product stays suspended in water. Only calculation is the number of stock by the amount of product.
  • A dispensing system that is portable, can target individual mobs, is easy to use and doesn’t require power to operate.

Making water medication the answer!

Water points are one if not the most important part of the infrastructure of any livestock enterprise and must be maintained in working order to ensure survival and production of livestock. With this acknowledged it’s obvious that this infrastructure should be utilized to its full potential.

Supplementation can now be done as water checks are being done without any changes to the routine already being carried out, improving time and labour cost, by using the modern water medication system Beachport Liquid Minerals have developed.

This supplement is a concentrate so doesn’t have to be dosed daily which again means a huge cost saving in both cost per head dose and amount of supplement being freighted. Again, these cost savings are essential to improve the bottom line of livestock enterprises.

Beachport has been on the market now for over 12 years working with cattle and sheep properties Australia wide, our products have been tried and proven in all regions used in the water supply getting the results that have improved production.

Written by Kym Sutherland
Founder & Owner of Beachport Liquid Minerals
Aug 2018