Lower stress, boost nutritional reserves in females – now

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Amid challenging dry conditions across parts of Australia, it is essential to ensure livestock have access to adequate nutritional supplements. Minimising stress and maximising nutritional reserves in females have been a hot topic with producers lately.

Founder and fourth generation livestock producer, Kym Sutherland, says the nutritional draw on females before the break of the season is at its peak. After the break, the susceptibility to health threats including grass tetany only heightens.

Pregnancy toxaemia is a key threat before the break of the season.

“Proactive measures taken now can reduce the potential for issues later,” he said. “Given the dry conditions and the possibility of a late break to the season, now’s the time when producers are looking at what they’re going to do – IF it’s a late break.

“With cows and ewes that are pregnant or lactating, the nutritional drain is always immense. There’s an inescapable falling plain of nutrition, which needs to be considered and managed.”

With producers supplementary feeding with hay, lupins or grain, Beachport can help to minimise this expense. With Beachport’s unique formulation of amino acids, trace elements and electrolytes, you are providing additional nutrition and feed conversion is improved. Its cumulative cost savings for producers in labour, transport and time are significant.

At around 0.03 cents a day for a cow/calf unit ($1.19 for a 50ml dose) or 0.01 cents a day for ewe/lamb unit (0.24c for a 10ml dose), Beachport is one of the most cost-effective livestock supplement options on the market and dosed via the water trough only once every 6 weeks.

The traditional injection option means bringing animals into the yards which, for heavily pregnant females, amounts to extra stress when they’re in an already vulnerable state. Stress for the livestock – and their handlers.

“If there’s a more cost-effective, lower stress option, without yarding, that these animals can drink via their water supply, this is a win-win for everyone,” Kym says.

Independent scientific trials show Beachport’s products work like an injection with absorption into the bloodstream, producing increased health and weight gain benefits and the potential for more profit at sale time.

Beachport CEO Darryl Starick said the ability of Beachport to reduce block and lick consumption, while still providing all the nutritional elements needed for optimum animal condition, was also easing the strain on producer pockets.

“Beachport isn’t merely a stop-gap measure; it’s a sustainable, proactive approach to livestock nutrition management all year-round to enhance wellbeing, productivity and profitability.”

Discuss a proactive approach for year-round herd health with our team on (08) 8725 4668 or email info@beachportliquidminerals.com.au. Alternatively, if you’re heading to the South East Field Days in Lucindale in South Australia on March 15 -16,  be sure to catch the team at Site 659 with Castec Rural Supplies.