Sights set on livestock welfare, education & research in ’24

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Beachport Liquid Minerals has set ambitious goals for this new year, prioritising our livestock welfare message, industry education and ongoing scientific research amid challenging conditions across the livestock sector.

The South Australian family-owned company, known for our innovative 3-in-1 liquid supplements, is poised for further growth after a significant increase in sales in 2023.

Beachport’s founder Kym Sutherland, a fourth-generation livestock producer, emphasises the importance of proactivity in navigating uncertainties and maximising production.

“Conditions this season have been described as anything from ‘unpredictable’ to downright weird,” Kym says, referring to the challenges posed by an unpredictable summer across the country and sudden market fluctuations.

“Many can’t remember another year like it, including BOM. If you’re in the right spot you might get a lot of rain. But if you’re not, it’s a different and difficult story.

“When things get tough, you must be a little bit more careful with how you spend money – and still get the best results. This is where Beachport can be a game changer, offering a cost-effective supplementation solution that’s better for animal wellbeing, kinder on the environment and is proven to produce an increased profit at sale time.”

The highly anticipated release of university trial data in 2023 confirmed the efficacy of Beachport’s products working via the bloodstream, like an injection. The findings have intensified the company’s commitment to research, with our Technical Specialist, Chandler Coker, now heading up the hunt for additional trial opportunities.

Kym says there’s tremendous excitement about collaborating with scientific experts in the livestock industry, to further prove how Beachport’s products enhance overall animal health and productivity.

The successful trials we’ve done already have given us an appetite to delve deeper,” Kym said. “We’re excited to now be collaborating with other scientific experts in the livestock industry, exploring new projects that’ll give us more data to give more new clients the confidence to give Beachport a go.”

Beachport’s growth in the past year can be attributed to the increased take-up of our White Cap and Blue Cap products. These are both year-round supplements aiding overall health and productivity, dosed once via the water supply every six weeks.

CEO Darryl Starick says more producers are now looking at the viable cost of Beachport vs traditional blocks and lick, as well as the animal wellbeing advantages of the seagrass and kelp formulated range.

“Yes, there are financial benefits to using Beachport, but there are also some significant animal welfare benefits,” he said. “Band-Aid treatments are sometimes needed, but long-term treatment programs better serve the interests of producers, their animals and the industry as a whole moving forward.

“We have a responsibility to steer the industry in the right direction, towards improved animal welfare conditions, as well as profitability.”

Beachport heads into this new year with the aim to:

  • Increase capacity storage in our 13 warehouses across Australia to enable faster turnaround times for product, especially in remote regions
  • Roll out new training tools and information sessions to educate resellers and producers about the technical benefits of our products
  • Explore previously untapped market opportunities in Victoria and Tasmania
  • Introduce more education measures around the importance of Yellow Cap in combatting grass tetany and milk fever, as well as step up promotion of our organic range
  • Undertake market research into potential new markets and targets

Beachport continues to reinvest in the livestock industry, sponsoring events in support of up-and-coming producers across the country.

The team is also looking forward to attending key gatherings this year including the much-anticipated Beef Week in Rockhampton (May 5-11). We’ll will be in the Elders Pavilion at Beef this year, so be sure to call past and catch up with Kym, Darryl, Scott and Chandler if you’re heading along.

Values at Beachport, summarised as F.A.R.M.E.R.S. (Family values, Attention to detail, Reputation, Motivation, Excellence in customer service and delivery, Respect for fellow staff, customers, and suppliers, Support for our industry), underscore our commitment to sustainability, customer service excellence and proud product stewardship.

Darryl says a commitment to manufacturing excellence, supply chain efficiencies and providing a safe and positive working environment at their headquarters in Mount Gambier, South Australia, are ongoing priorities, as is shifting traditional views towards livestock supplementation.

“Our biggest challenge is helping people to understand how simple our products are to use,” Darryl said.  “It’s the shoulds, not the shouldn’ts, for giving Beachport a go – that’s the message our team wants to get across.”

With passion and persistence, Beachport Liquid Minerals is changing the way the industry views supplementation, while staying true to the reasons the company began.

“The traditional ways of supplementation are not the future,” Kym said. “The core reason I started this business was to make things easier for producers with herd and flock health. We want producers to make more money, be more sustainable, and for their animals to be less stressed, because they’re dosed in the paddock, not the yards.

“With today’s focus around sustainability, animal welfare and targeting more cost-effective ways to achieve better health and performance in livestock, we have the answers the industry is looking for.  Our trial work supports us to prove our products work and how effective our method of supplementation is via the water supply.

“It’s a simple system, a cost-effective product, with huge health benefits. It’s a tick in every aspect of 21st century livestock production and our aim is now to see this message infiltrate every corner of the industry we love so much.”

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