Simon Walton – Australian Reproductive Technologies

Wandal, QLD

Australian Reproductive Technologies provides reproductive biotechnologies to Australian beef and dairy producers.

Although our technology is unparalleled in the laboratory, there are many factors beyond our control that have a major influence on the final pregnancy outcome. In particular, nutrition and especially adequate macro and micro element availability. If the availability of these essential elements is missing, then the egg quality of the donors will be compromised. So, the question is…. how do we ensure that donors are receiving adequate supply of these elements?

ART has used Beachport Liquid Minerals for several years at our Rockhampton donor facility with great success. Typically, many of the donors we receive come without sufficient backgrounding. Upon arrival at our donor centre all donors receive the prescribed amount of BLM. Within the first month we notice a significant increase in the egg number and quality. Further supplementation is repeated for all donors every 6 weeks to keep them in top performance. Additionally, stress has a big impact on the success of the ET program, especially, right at the point of embryo transfer. Fortunately, BLM also supplies a product that has a calming effect on recipients. This product incorporated into an ET program can lift pregnancy rates by up to 15%.

Finally, when the job is done, and clients take their valuable donors home, they all comment on how well their cattle look. They see the difference on the outside…. I see the difference on the inside.

- Simon Walton (CEO)

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