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Right from the get go, (back in 2006), Beachport have always believed in water medication because every animal has to drink, and that’s why we’re so passionate about our unique 3-in-1 formulation derived from kelp/seagrass extract, fulvic acid, and chelated elements. Beachport products won’t break down or separate when dispensed into water because of the innovative and regimented Beachport chelation process, water is simply the carrier. This process makes Beachport readily absorbable directly into the bloodstream and is also why one dose lasts up to 6 weeks in the animal.

Beachport Liquid Minerals have always been committed to providing a simple and cost effective solution to trace element supplementation, and that includes the application! With water medication and dry feed application options, Beachport can be applied by anyone in the family, even Grandma or your 8 year old daughter Isabelle (Issy for short).


Water Medication

A major benefit of water medication and point of difference is improved animal uptake of the Beachport products from the trough, which when dispensed for 3 days improves the evenness of uptake across the whole mob, including shy feeders and poor doers. This mitigates a lot of problems with bully feeding when compared to traditional licks and block, where often the only solution is to increase lick feed stations and how often it’s put out. Water medication eliminates dominant feeders gorging product because ruminants drink to their body weight and can’t over consume water or Beachport.


Innovation // The Beachport Dispenser

Other than its simplicity and reliability, there’s a lot to love about the Beachport Dispenser…

  • Low stress // no need to yard animals to administer any of the Beachport products.
  • Flexibility //  The portable and compact dispenser allows you to dose any trough across your property, as it’s not a fixed device or system.
  • Durability //  The Beachport dispensers made from marine grade stainless steel for longevity.
  • Improved animal uptake //  every animal must drink over the 3-day period that the product is gradually dispensed through the trough.
  • Low labour //  Beachport products are dosed once every 6 weeks via the trough over 3 days.
  • Keeping it local //  The Beachport dispenser has been specifically designed and made locally in regional South Australia.



The Beachport dispenser has been designed specifically for the Beachport products to meter out over 48-72 hours, depending on temperature. Temperature influences the flow rate of the dispenser because it works on a combination of air and water pressure. If the temperature is warmer, flow rate will be faster because air in the dispensing drum expands pushing product out quicker. The dispenser has an outlet for product to flow into the trough, and an inlet for trough water to replace the product in the drum. It’s important for the dispensing drum to move freely in the trough to create water movement to better disperse the product through the trough. Our empty dispensing drums are available in 5L, 10L and 20L sizes to cater for all trough sizes and depths.

At the end of the 3-day dispensing period, pour the contents of the dispensing drum into the trough. This water should be clear but it’s also common for the colour to resemble a weak, black tea because the Beachport products are extremely dark in colour. This colouring indicates the dispenser’s done it’s job and your animals have consumed majority, if not all the product.

Tip // Approximately 1 third of the dispensing drum should be air for best results. 


Hard Feed Application

Being from the land ourselves, we understand that water application may not be suitable in situations where paddocks have dams or natural water ways, so it’s important to note that hard feed application is also an effective alternative to our dispensing system.
Click here for the rundown from Mark, a long time Beachport user and hard feed application expert! …


Simple As That! // How to; Hard Feed Application

  • Use the recommended product dose rates per head outlined on your Beachport Liquid Minerals product drum, calculate the required amount of Beachport for a mob’s single application. Check out our Dose Rate Calculator Here
  • Once calculated, measure and pour your Beachport into an empty watering can. [Can allow 10% extra for wastage]
  • Add the equal amount of water to the watering can to mix with the Beachport, which will allow for even distribution over dry feed/ [i.e. 50:50 ratio]
  • For best results and even application to dry feed, we recommend rolling out a section of hay for Beachport to be poured onto, rather than applied to a rolled bale. This improves accessibility for all animals in the mob to the treated hay.
  • After applying 1 application, rinse the watering can, ready for another dose of Beachport in 6 weeks’ time, or according to your management system.


Need a little more, or a demo? We’d love to help. Please get in touch with our Head Office. 

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