Why Seagrass is a vital ingredient to improve livestock production

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Beachport Liquid Minerals uses a Seagrass extract base in our liquid supplements as it is a key part of our belief in a sustainable circular economy. Its amino acid content is extremely beneficial for overall production of livestock including improving feed conversion, weight gain, conception, health and the immune system in cattle and sheep.

Seagrass (Posidonia australis) //

Seagrass is one of nine species of Posidonia found worldwide, from late winter to early spring each year, seagrass flower on spikes and then some of the old leaves and flowers are shed by the plant. These are washed up on the beaches by wave action during winter storms and in many locations, become an environmental pollutant.

A patented process //

After these winter storms the seagrass is collected from the beach and under a patented process (Patent 2007,200687); the minerals, proteins, amino acids, plant growth promoters, **auxins and **cytokines are separated from the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignic content of the plant. This byproduct of the liquid extraction is then added to compost products because of its plant promotion capabilities This ensures maximum utilization of the collected seagrass.

Seagrass is also targeted because it is actually a grass, drawing its nutrients through its root system from the ocean floor. In comparison to sea weeds that attach to rocks and draw their nutrients from the ocean.  Seagrasses similarity to plants grown on land means it has a very similar amino acid and nutrient profile to, for example, lucerne. This ensures the natural ratios of combined nutrients are the most beneficial to ruminants.

We do not need daily intake supplements to achieve results! //

To protect this finite resource in the most environmentally stainable way possible, we have understood that daily intake as a feed supplement for ruminants is going to put too greater requirement on this resource. By creating a supplement that is dosed once every 6 weeks the benefits are far greater for sustainability and profitability for livestock production.

Fulvic Acid allows nutrients to be more effective and available in the blood stream for longer //

Beachport also uses fulvic acid as an electrolyte and chelating source, which helps the immune system and has calming abilities which again is extracted from a plant derived natural process and is an exclusively Australian processed product which is certified organic by NASSA. The Fulvic acid used, is extracted using a unique process to maintain the integrity, stability and most importantly biology of the Fulvic Acid.

The correct balance is one of the secrets behind Beachport’s success //

We introduce this plant based natural electrolyte to concentrate the capabilities of both the seagrass extract and naturally chelated essential trace elements, we introduce to give the correct balance of amino acids and essential trace elements for livestock production. Combining Fulvic acid and seagrass this improves the absorption and retention of ingredients into the blood stream.

“1 ton of seagrass doses 300,000 adult cattle for 6 weeks”

Using both these processes in combination, gives us the ability to use one ton of collected seagrass from the beach which doses the equivalent of 300,000 adult cattle for six weeks. This also means that our use of trace elements are also being used in a way that lessens the amount used to get production results, compared to daily traditional supplementation of trace elements in livestock.

To have a long-term successful circular economy it must achieve the desired and required results, be sustainable and profitable. By turning a potential pollutant in to a concentrated livestock supplement with no waste and improving production of livestock and improving the livestock industries sustainability and lessening the pressure on the environment. Thus, giving the livestock industry the opportunity to be a clean green protein source for the sustainability of our environment.

** Auxins: are a powerful growth hormone produce naturally by plants.

** Cytokines:  are cell signalling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma.

For further information about seagrass and Beachport Liquid Minerals please call Kym Sutherland, the founder and owner of Beachport Liquid Minerals on 0429 358 033 or email kym@beachportliquidminerals.com.au