How supplements can help in Drought conditions

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As a hands-on stockman for over 40 years, my heartfelt thoughts go out to all that are caught up in these drought conditions, there is nothing more depressing to a livestock person than seeing their livestock that they have put their heart and soul into, slipping right in front of them. My passion is our Australian livestock industry, we truly are the most efficient and cost-effective dry land livestock industry in the world with absolutely no support at all.  The supplement system that our company has developed is not a “silver bullet “ – if you have no feed it won’t work, but with a 12-year track record all over Australia, Beachport Liquid Minerals can help your stock in these drought conditions.

“After using Beachport White Cap for the last 8 years in which the last 6 of them it has been a standalone product I have found it a very useful tool in our management. These last 6 years we have been in drought with only brief storm rains, our Santa Cross cattle have been mainly on a diet of pure Mulga in this time with Beachport as the supplement. I firmly believe this has been a true and fair test for the product with outstanding results both for the cattle and the pocket. We have also found the Green Cap to have hugely beneficial results with temperament and weight retention when weaning or transporting.” – Peter & Jenny Fisher from Quilberry, Charleville.

 Feed conversion is never more critical than ever in a drought situation

Feed conversion is the key to the success of Beachport Liquid Minerals in both green and dry feed throughout Australia. Feed conversion is never more critical than in a drought situation where feed is in short supply and every mouth full counts. When having to source hay or other sources of feed supplements to help hold on to livestock and often as the drought bites harder the quality of these introduced feed decreases. Having Beachport there to be able to help get the most feed benefit possible out of feed for livestock becomes the difference between success and failure in a lot of situations.

Cattle: $1.05 per head, per 6 weeks = $9.45 PER YEAR
Sheep: $0.20 per head, per 6 weeks = $1.80 PER YEAR

Because the Beachport Liquid Minerals source of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) comes naturally from seagrass and kelp, not via urea, the Beachport products can be used in the water supply alongside traditional urea-based blocks and licks. The upside of this is, it’s an improvement of the availability of these traditional licks and blocks to livestock and in most cases even in drought conditions drops the consumption of the licks without compromising their benefits. Many clients have even used Beachport as a stand-alone product because of such tight restrictions on expenses with great results. These are cost savings in any situation but critical cost savings in a drought situation where every dollar spent is so important to both the survival of the livestock and the livestock enterprise.

Every dollar counts, especially in drought situations

In drought times labour cost must be cut to the bare minimum and you literally must do everything yourself, that’s why the Beachport products are used by so many.

“We have been using Beachport for 6 years. The most noticeable attribute is our wool tensile strength has increased by 15-20 newtons whilst being in drought the whole time.” – Willie & Marcelle Chandler from Home Creek, Barcaldine.

Beachport supplements are not a daily dose, it’s dosed once every 6 weeks using the BLM Dispenser in the trough or applied to feed.

The whole team at Beachport Liquid Minerals are very passionate about our Australian livestock industry and genuinely want to help, please call one of our experienced staff in your area to talk about the options we have available to help improve the health of your livestock and get them through these horrendous drought conditions.

Written by
Kym Sutherland
Founder & Owner of Beachport Liquid Minerals