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Lower the Stress of Weaning Time – Calmer Cattle are More Productive

Weaning is naturally a stressful time for both cows and calves; if high stress is endured throughout the weaning process this can affect the health of the weaner. If a weaner is highly stressed this can compromise their immune system, which may allow bacteria into their systems, resulting in illness and disease. Another important factor …

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Creating your best beef herd for the future

It’s that time of year again – calving time! Well, it is for producers who calve in autumn… Even though most producers would be busy checking calving mob, you should have already been thinking about what sire/sires you plan on using to join to in the coming weeks. Sire selection for the future As a …

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A rare green tinge: How a wet season can affect your livestock

I have been in the Australian livestock industry for over 45 years. During that time, I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout Australia. Though, in the past February, I’ve noticed something that I’ve never before seen at this time of year. In the middle of February, myself and Beachport Liquid Minerals new WA Regional …

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Cowgirl Australia

Why BLM Horse Supplements Are Now More Accessible Than Ever

Whether you’re campdrafting, mustering or riding for pleasure, you’ll understand the importance of giving your horse a chance to recover. Long days of exercise can take their toll on your horses and can result in dehydrated and stressed animals. BLM’s Red Cap product is a liquid horse supplement that is specially designed to provide the …

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What you need to know about liquid supplements for livestock

Producers have known for years that one of the best ways to achieve a noticeable improvement in livestock nutrition and health is to use supplements. Seasonal variations in pasture quality mean that using supplements for livestock increases the profitability and performance of farms. Our sales team speaks to a wide variety of producers in Australia, …

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It never rains, but it pours: Managing livestock nutrition from green to dry

As our CEO, Kym, was driving through rural Australia recently, he was struck by how unbelievable the recent season has been. Regular rainfall has benefitted farms and towns across the country, with perfect crops and green pasture to be seen everywhere. Especially for South Australian and Western Australian producers, the 2016 winter season has provided …

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3 Healthy Merino Lambs

When dust turns to puddles – Managing increased lamb worm burdens in the wet

It’s been an especially wet season for many of our clients. Increased pasture levels can be seen in most states across Australia. As a producer, you’ll already know that increased moisture coincides with an increased risk of internal parasites in livestock. Eggs laid predominately by Haemonchus and Trichostrongylus (more commonly known as Black Scour Worm) …

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Selenium deficiency blog pic

Selenium deficiency in sheep: causes, symptoms and treatment

Selenium is a crucial element in the diet of animals. It works in conjunction with vitamin E in relation to a variety of important bodily needs, like preventing and repairing cell damage, supporting growth and fertility, and is involved in immune functions. When ewes and lambs aren’t able to get enough selenium or vitamin E …

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Cattle standing around feeding trough in Far North Queensland

Maximising livestock opportunities – Far North Queensland

While some producers around Australia are starting their spring preparations, cattlemen in Far North Queensland know that traditional seasons don’t mean a lot in the top end. Extensive rain is unusual in winter for Queensland, but 2016 has certainly been a change in tradition. Every drought breaks eventually, but it’s impossible to predict when you …

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Merino breeders: Avoid common issues affecting wool production

The standard of Australia’s Merino wool is known as the highest in the world. The excellent quality of Merino wool has been honed by hundreds of years of farming expertise and superior breeding – resulting in the strong, fine wool that has become one of the world’s most useful textiles. To maintain a consistently high …

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Combating Grass Tetany (Hypomagnesemia)

Many livestock producers face animal health issues associated with trace element deficiencies. One of the most common issues we hear about is low magnesium, resulting in grass tetany. What is Grass Tetany? Grass tetany comes in two forms. The simple form is a magnesium deficiency in the diet. The complex form occurs when other elements …

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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful natural electrolytes. It stimulates the rumen, has the ability to bond and dissolve minerals and nutritional elements and is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into cells. “Fulvic acid is extracted from a plant-derived natural process and is an exclusively Australian processed product …

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Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building block of protein for utilisation of both dry and green feed. BLM contains the 10 essential amino acids: 1. Leucine: tissue repair, muscle mass, stress, growth, protein synthesis, bone, coat and blood haemoglobin. 2. Isoleucine: nervous system, energy, muscle, endurance and blood haemoglobin. 3. Valine: nervous system & glycogen production. …

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