2017 CEO Report

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I can’t help reflecting on a year, that for the livestock industry in general, has been a year to remember. As always there are exceptions, with the dairy industry under immense pressure with very unfair pricing structures for them. Grain prices are low because of excellent harvest all over Australia.

That brings me to our rainfall for the year, as usually Chris and I have been on the move through the whole of Australia again, and in my living memory, I have never seen such widespread rainfall across Australia. The season started early across the bottom of WA, SA, Vic and NSW and just didn’t stop. This is reflected in prices in both sheep & cattle throughout Australia. The combination of the restocking from the devastating droughts in QLD, NSW and NT, with low stock numbers for the domestic and overseas markets, meant that livestock prices went through the roof. So, with livestock prices high, wool prices moving in the right direction and a season that will go down as well above average, it truly is a year to remember.

For the Beachport team, we celebrated our 10th year anniversary and have had a year that has brought plans together that we have been working on for 2 to 3 years.

To ensure we keep our high standard of service and back up to our customers we have increased staff numbers in both sales and marketing. Tammy Flier has started in marketing with Kelly and we have put Hannah Kennedy on to manager Central and Southern QLD, freeing Charlie Crossley to manage Northern QLD and the NT. We have also put Gemma Oldfield on in WA to manage our rapidly expanding client base there. Kate Fairlie has also come on board, with her background in the livestock and stud industry, she will help Chris and I across all states. All our new staff have the same commitment to our industry that I have and I know that our clients, both old and new, will be looked after.

Now, one of our biggest plans, which has been several years in the making is to be able to say we can assist the organic livestock producers in Australia. Yes, we can finally say we are certified organic. Our new NASAA certified organic and USDA NOP compliant Organic White Cap and Organic Green Cap have been created with no compromise in comparison to our traditional range, organic livestock producers can now achieve the same benefits others across Australia have been achieving on our traditional White Cap & Green Cap.

This range, instead of being in the familiar blue drum with the White or Green Cap, will be in a green drum but still same colour cap system. It will be available to organic customers from March 2017.

Also, at the request of customers and our sales team, Beachport has introduced a 1 litre Red Cap for horses, which will also be available through our rural outlets.

So, with great optimism in the livestock industry that has been a long time to come, Chris and I look forward to catching up with our customers all over Australia throughout 2017.

Kym Sutherland
CEO of Beachport Liquid Minerals

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