2016 CEO Report

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With good rains in a lot of regions of Australia and a lift in the value of livestock, our products value is being felt in all sectors of the livestock industry. The Green Cap has shown huge $$$ returns with very little outlay for our clients with the added benefit of the increased value of livestock.

The feed conversions of our White & Blue Cap products, on both dry and green feed, has given our clients immediate results with the flush of green feed showing animals quick response to the change in feed both in cattle and sheep.

To have clients regularly contacting us with their results in the sale yards, abattoirs and with their livestock production on properties, is very satisfying for all our staff, and especially for Chris, Kelly & myself.

2016 is the 10th Anniversary Year of our company and to see what this very proud Australian family-owned company has been able to achieve is a true testament to how much our products have been accepted by livestock producers all over Australia and how truly professional all our staff are.

Our staff have grown again with the inclusion of Tabatha Sanderson (Admin) starting in January 2016. Tabatha fits well with our team of very competent staff, which gives the ability to expand and keep growing.

BLM has many opportunities on the horizon and our passion and drive to keep growing the business is only supported by the reward of hearing the success our clients are achieving using BLM products.

We as the BLM team would like to thank all our clients, outlets and suppliers for their continued support and wish everyone a very successful 2016.

Kym Sutherland
CEO of Beachport Liquid Minerals

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