2013 CEO Report

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To have our Beachport Liquid Minerals products now so widely recognised and used throughout Australia, both in our traditional core business of sheep and beef cattle producers and also to see the interest and growth in the feedlot and dairy industry, is to me, personally very satisfying.

With our product readily available at Elders and Landmark stores Australia wide and have both producers and rural outlets realise that we are not just a trace elements supplement, has brought new interest in all states. With seven essential trace elements and all 10 essential amino acids, chelated with fulvic acid, the BLM products not only have a role in trace element deficiencies but the 10 essential amino acids aid in the better conversion of both “dry and green feed” without the dependency on urea to stimulate the rumen. This, with the added benefits of finally having a water medication system that is simple, is safe and is cheaper to use than the alternatives. These features in combination with the results that our product range is achieving all over Australia has our product enquiries “going through the roof”

Our new facilities and head office at Calula Drive in Mount Gambier SA have bedded down well and with storage depots in Melbourne VIC, Tamworth NSW, Toowoomba QLD, Rockhampton Qld, Townsville Qld, Mount Isa Qld, Darwin NT, Broome WA, Perth WA and Adelaide SA, we have the ability to supply our outlets quickly.

Kelly Nicholson, in charge of our marketing, was “blown away” by the number of clients who were willing to endorse our products and the lengths they were willing to go to help us. Chris & I and our family thank you all so very, very much for all you have done and we are happy that our products are doing well for you all.

Kelly has put BLM on Facebook and our BLM video is on YouTube which you can also access via our website, www.beachportliquidminerals.com.au

Chris and I are on the road again this year and will be trying to catch up with as many of our existing and new clients and outlets as we can. Our staff are available at our head office and will keep our travel plans updated for you.

To close, I hope that 2013 is a good year for all. I thank our staff for their commitment and passion, I thank our outlets for selling and driving our product range, but most important of all, I thank our loyal customers for their faith in an Australian concept, manufactured by an “Australian family owned company”.

Kym Sutherland
CEO of Beachport Liquid Minerals

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