Consistent nutrition is key to quality wool production

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Australia’s strong, fine Merino wool is renowned the world over for its superior quality. Honed over hundreds of years of farming and breeding, it’s become one of the most useful textiles. Maintaining a consistently high-grade quality of wool, by considering what affects the weight, diameter, length and staple strength, is essential to ensure the industry’s continued success.

Consistent nutrition protects immune system, increases production

Regular nutritional supplementation across all stages of the animal’s lifecycle can help to maximise sheep production.

It’s important to minimise the impact of peaks and troughs in nutrition. Some of these are seasonal, such as a change of feed from green to dry or vice versa. Extremely wet and cold conditions, or drought, also bring changes in feed and a need to support feed conversion.

When an animal is under nutritional stress, their immune system is potentially compromised. This opens to door for both external and internal parasites to affect the animal’s production capabilities.

This is one of the reasons why Beachport is not a daily dose supplement. The combination of both amino acids and trace elements available over a six-week period in the bloodstream ensures the nutritional requirements of the animal do not fluctuate drastically with changing seasonal conditions.

Nutritional peaks and troughs are clearly visible in wool fibres

The effects of nutritional peaks and troughs on a sheep’s diet are clearly visible in wool fibres. Take a close look at 12 months’ growth of wool and you’ll see when the nutritional requirements of the sheep have dropped or increased quickly, even to the extent of causing a break in the fibre.

Fibre breaks can also be caused by immune system compromise due to parasites or fly strike. These weaknesses in the tensile strength lowers the value of the wool, in turn dropping production value.

There is a direct correlation between what you can see in the effects of nutritional yearly intake in wool fibre production and all other animal production – milk, weight gain and even conception.

Successful conception is closely related to a strong immune system and consistent levels of nutrition.

Wool clients in drought conditions have seen their wool tensile strengthen, not weaken as they would traditionally see in these seasons. They used the Beachport supplement on a six-weekly application, with one dose over a three day period lasting for six weeks.

Maintaining trace elements, amino acids & electrolytes year-round is key

Using Beachport all year round can help with joining and conception rates, a tighter drop of lambs, stronger weaner weights and getting ewes into lamb faster. Placing Beachport in the water trough pre-lambing will help ewes through lambing, into the first few weeks of lactation and with post-lambing recovery.

Keeping the health of ewes and lambs elevated throughout times of high energy demand ultimately assists in improved wool production.

An animal with a good balance of nutritional requirements in its bloodstream will provide maximum production benefits for its genetic capability.

Beachport is a game changer for sheep and wool producers

Beachport’s friendly team is here to help you achieve the best results in your enterprise for increased production, improved animal welfare, sustainability and reduced costs.

Talk to us about the benefits you can achieve within all facets of your herd for a minimal cost per head dose. You may be surprised, at less than $2 per-head per-year, our easy-to-use liquid supplements are an all-round game changer!

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