The Beef Wrap // 2021

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Lachlan, Charlie, and Dave had a brilliant time at Beef 2021 and enjoyed catching up with so many current clients as well as chatting to some new faces!

Now the dust has settled, and we’ve had a minute to reflect we can’t help but still feel the buzz following the iconic event!

There was a lot of success for long term Beachport clients and that’s something we’re extremely proud to be a small part of, and it goes without saying, it’s why we wholeheartedly believe in our products and what we do. It’s also why we take so much pride in supporting our Australian producers and livestock, and our amazing industry.


Taking Home The Prize at Beef 2021 //

If you keep up to date on all things Beachport on Facebook or Instagram then you may have seen the success stories already! But, in case you missed them, and because they more than deserve their success to be shared near and far, we would like to again congratulate these Beachport clients on their Beef 2021 success! We’re humbled by their loyalty, and their success is also our success. 🙌👇

Senior Champion and Grand Champion Fleckvieh Female + Top 6 in Interbreed 🙌👏🏼⁠

Congratulations… Barb Evans “Trinity Vale Simmentals,” Kingaroy, QLD

We were recommended to use Green Cap by a prominent Brahman breeder. We had trouble sourcing a small container. Finally, there was one available at Nutrien at Murgon, QLD. One of their lovely staff delivered 1 litre to Nutrien Kingaroy for us. We used it twice daily for 3 days then left the last day before travelling.

Our team arrived looking so well after tyre problems and a 10 hour trip! They all drank straight away and settled beautifully. We wanted to give them a top up dose, but had forgotten the bottle. I rang Lachlan and he dropped a bottle to the showgrounds, which was so appreciated. They had another small dose and travelled home, arriving in great condition.

Our 27 month Fleckvieh cow with a 5 month calf at foot were judged Senior Champion and Grand Champion Fleckvieh Female. The Interbreed judge agreed and rewarded them with Top 6 in Interbreed from around 30 breeds. We are so grateful for Beachport Green Cap, which I am sure made a huge difference to the wellbeing of our entire team.

Barb Evans


Grand Champion Brangus Bull for Viamonte Red Endure Q001! 🙌👏🏼⁠

Congratulations… Marty Lill, “Chadwick Downs,” Coonabarabran, NSW.

Endure weighed 900kg and only lost 6kg (or .7% in LW shrinkage on the 12hr truck trip from Coonabarabran to Rockhampton. This amazing result Marty contributes to Beachport Green Cap! Endure was dosed the week prior to making the trip to Beef. Marty also had this to say 👇

“Super pleased with how they have performed. We gave them Green Cap about a week ago [*one week prior to heading to Beef] obviously just to help them perform. To also keep them calm, and the bulls really took to it. It was a 12 hour trip up here and our big fella lost about 6kg, which is an amazing result. We’re really happy with how they’ve performed on Green Cap.” 

– Marty Lill


Rosehill Q85 was awarded Reserve Senior champ Santa cow at Beef 2021! 🙌👏🏼⁠

Congratulations… John McCarthy, “Rosehill Santa Gertrudis Stud”, Clifton, QLD⁠.

“We dosed our young bull with Green Cap before coming up here for Beef and basically, he hasn’t lost any weight due to shrinkage since he arrived, and he’s gone straight into feed and water without any sulking whatsoever.”⁠

– John McCarthy⁠


Champion Interbreed Bull and Grand Champion Shorthorn! 🙌🏻👏⁠⠀

Congratulations… Nic, Sue & Neilson Job, “Royalla Ventura”, Yeoval, NSW

“We’re extremely happy with how the cattle travelled and settled in after 14hrs. We’ll definitely continue to use Beachports’ Green Cap in our stud and commercial operations.” 

– Nic Job


Stress Less…Beachport Green Cap – The Low Stress & Quick Response Option //

Beachport’s Green Cap is the quick response and low stress product designed to naturally lower stress for transport and weaning, but with the added benefits of reducing dark cutting and shrinkage and much calmer weaners with a reduced weaning time. Beachport’s Green Cap is a one dose application with the same unique 3-in-1 formulation derived from kelp/seagrass extractfulvic acid [our natural plant derived electrolyte], and chelated elements, as the other Beachport products. It’s available as a part of our Organic range and also has nil withholding periods.

At only $1.08 per dose*, it’s absolutely worth a try 😉 Ask Catherine, we caught up with her at Beef too and this is what she had to say…

It’s brilliant stuff, we use it in all parts of our operation from weaning, pre dosing our meatworks cattle with Beachport Green Cap and breaking in for the shows, it’s an excellent product and we recommend it to everyone.”

– Catherine Hicks // Billabong Brahmans & Droughmasters, Moura QLD⁠

If you would like to know more about Beachport Green Cap, or our year round supplement options please get in touch with one of the Beachport team, they’d love to help!