Certified Organic Liquid Supplement for Livestock

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As consumers demand green options at the supermarket, the food production industry is seeing a natural progression towards natural ingredients.

With more and more producers asking us about organic supplementation options for their livestock, Beachport Liquid Minerals is proud to announce our new premium organic range!

What’s different about the new organic range?

There is ultimately very little difference between the new organic supplement range and the traditional BLM range that our customers know and love. As far as your animals are concerned, the product is exactly the same. However, we have altered the chelating process to use a chelating agent that satisfies the requirements to reach organic certification standard.

Only the very best standard and quality.

Our new organic range is NASAA accredited and USDA NOP compliant, with the same benefits and capabilities as the traditional range of BLM supplements.

The Organic White Cap and Organic Green Cap products in this new range are similarly formulated to the traditional White Cap and Green Cap, but are made with organic compliant, premium ingredients to aid in:

  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed.
  • Healthier livestock.
  • Improved weight gain and fertility.
  • Trace element deficiencies.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Change in diet.
  • Easier, faster and calmer weaning.
  • Intro and exit from feedlots.

Keep an eye out for the new Green Drum.

Our premium organic range is clearly labelled and 10L & 20L drums are in our new dark green drum. Organic White Cap is available in our new dark green 20L drums and also available in 200L and 1000L. The Organic Green Cap is available in 10L, 20L, 200L and 1000L.

The domestic and overseas market is experiencing a boom in demand for organic produce.

The biggest benefit of supplementing your livestock with certified organic supplements is being able to apply for organic certification while still experiencing the health benefits of high-quality supplementation products.

The overall trend is towards ‘clean and green’, here in Australia and overseas, especially in the Asian Rim and Indian markets. As the average disposable income increases in these regions, demand for better quality produce increases with the discerning consumer wanting better quality, healthier and natural options.

Our organic range is easy to use and cost-effective.

Of course, the benefit to our producers is that a premium product attracts a premium price. Historically, organic supplementation was a difficult and exclusive process only available to some producers. However, it’s slowly becoming more mainstream and accessible.

We are very excited to be launching these new products, now being the only liquid supplement on the market with organic certification giving organic producers an easy to use and very cost effective method of supplementing their livestock to increase production and help improve animal health.

If you’d like to speak to our team about the new organic supplements range, please send us a message or contact your regional manager directly.

Ready to start supplementing your livestock with our organic range?

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