Red Cap’s Versatility is Hard to Beat

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Horsepower is a very important part to a livestock enterprise, and we’re not talking about the horsepower you fill up with petrol (Wink).

Beachport Liquid Minerals formulated and released Beachport Red Cap in 2015 for horses because livestock producers saw the benefits of our original products in their livestock, and wanted a simple solution for their horses too. Originally sort after, for horses around mustering, horse owners competing in a range of genres across Australia have now seen extended benefits when using Beachport’s Red Cap for recovery and rehydration, as well as a year-round supplement since its release.

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Like Beachport’s other products, Red Cap is a 3in1 formulation containing natural amino acids and fulvic acid (electrolytes) extracted from seagrass and kelp with the added bonus of trace elements and minerals to enhance the overall performance and presentation of your horse. The amino acids benefit horses by supplying them with a readily available protein source without the need for conventional grain supplements. Unlike our other products, our Red Cap DOES NOT contain Urea.


Amino Acids

While we know that protein is extremely important, the protein content of your horse’s diet is not immediately available to the horse. The gastrointestinal tract must break down protein into amino acids and peptides so it can be absorbed and further utilised by the horse.

The supply of essential amino acids in a horse’s diet can also be limited and without enough of these, horses can’t further process other available amino acids. This reduces intake and even the ability to convert feed efficiently. The first 3 limiting amino acids which allow processing of other available amino acids are Lysine, methionine and threonine.

The Seagrass and Kelp extracts in Beachport’s Red Cap aid in horses daily feed conversion by providing horses with 16 essential and non-essential amino acids and it’s important to note, essential amino acids can’t be made by the body and must be supplied through the diet whereas, non-essential amino acids are made by the body.

Amino acids play important roles in nearly every vital function in the body; hormone balance, muscle growth, hoof and hair health, horse condition, muscle recovery, immune system responses such as enzyme and antibody production, and energy metabolism.



Rehydration & Recovery

Horse owners across Australia use Beachport’s Red Cap product for recovery and rehydration after strenuous exercise like campdrafting, mustering, rodeo, gymkhana’s, racing and trotters. It’s also been used for long-haul or frequent travelling which can be stressful, affecting their temperament, performance and condition. Red Cap is derived from seagrass and kelp and contains natural sources of amino acids and electrolytes. These key components minimise weight loss by speeding up muscle recovery and rehydration. Key minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Copper aid in coat health and body condition to keep horses healthy during the competition season, or over prolonged periods of work.


Red Cap for Racing and Trotters [Important!]

Beachport’s Red Cap does contain cobalt and acts like an injection, so it should only be used for racehorses and trotters directly after exercise or racing for recovery and rehydration. Horses should also NOT be treated within the 2 weeks prior to racing. Please see our dose rates and product label for more information, or speak to Gemma, our Red Cap Expert.


‘Our competition horses are handling the travel better and holding their condition throughout the season, which we attribute to the Beachport Liquid Minerals – it really helps keep them calm and keeps their condition on.

We are drafting at this time of year and leading into summer we have quite a few warm to hot days. The horses spend a lot of time tied up to the truck at camp drafts, waiting for their runs and then competing. We haven’t found any of them dropping off or getting tired by the Sunday afternoon which is a big thing over a weekend of drafting.’

– Rhys Morrissey // Clear Sky Performance Horses, WA


The versatility of Red Cap is hard to beat…

Red Cap is great when used after exercise for recovery and rehydration; or as a year-round supplementation. For best results using Red Cap as a year-round supplementation, dose every 2 weeks. The seagrass and kelp extracts provide the amino acids and added minerals to support general health, coat health, horse condition, feed conversion and boosting the immune system.

‘Since swapping to Beachport Red Cap, my feed bill has drastically reduced, no more expensive supplements and my horses have actually picked up more condition and are looking brilliant with their glossy black coats. Internal health on the inside just glows on the outside! Improved feed conversion and feed utilization… ahem… “Jenny Craig” paddock time!’

– Maddy Humphrey // Toowoomba, QLD


‘We’ve been using Beachport now for quite a few years on our Katherine Outback Experience horses, campdraft horses and client horses and have been extremely impressed with their product. Beachport enhances coat condition with shine and colour and we have also found a positive change in the mental attitude of horses.’

– Tom Curtain // Katherine Outback Experience, WA & NT



‘I would highly recommend Beachport Red Cap to anyone, especially those out West who can’t justify time and dollars feeding expensive supplements daily, to horses in large paddocks. Water dose or pour over feed once a fortnight! Too easy!

– Maddy Humphrey // Toowoomba, QLD


Reducing feed costs and easy application is hard to come by in the Horse supplement industry.

If you’re looking for something different, versatile, innovative and that’s cost effective and easy to apply; Red Cap might be just what you are looking for, it’s worth a try!


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