Maximising livestock opportunities – Far North Queensland

Cattle standing around feeding trough in Far North Queensland

While some producers around Australia are starting their spring preparations, cattlemen in Far North Queensland know that traditional seasons don’t mean a lot in the top end.

Extensive rain is unusual in winter for Queensland, but 2016 has certainly been a change in tradition. Every drought breaks eventually, but it’s impossible to predict when you can expect the relief of rain. Finally, after four long years of drought, the rains have come in varying levels across most of the state.

Find out how the changing seasons are affecting Far North Queensland and how to maximise the health of your herd during challenging times.


In North Queensland, producers are taking advantage of the break in drought and attempting to restock. With short-term grass available, producers are seeking opportunities to value add with light weaners. Unfortunately, due to the high prices being paid for depleted cattle herd, restocking is proving to be a challenge to many producers.

Due to the nature of drought, people are going to continue to be cautious. The body of feed is still low after the long drought period, so restocking is likely to be a gradual process over multiple years.

Driving across Far North Queensland

Minimise stress and maximise health

Transporting and weaning can both be stressful times for your livestock. To help them stay calm for the journey or during the weaning process, we recommend using BLM Green Cap. It’s a natural formulation aimed at improving how your livestock cope with stress during weaning, unfamiliar surrounds, and both short haul and long haul trips.

Supplementing Northern livestock is best undertaken year round. Whether it’s dry or wet, your cattle will benefit from the added trace elements, amino acids, and electrolytes in their drinking water or feed. After rain, cattle tend to drink groundwater, but this doesn’t diminish the need for supplements to assist in correcting mineral deficiencies.

For a wide range of benefits, including the support of rumen development in young or struggling livestock and assistance in improving fertility and survival rates, we recommend using BLM White Cap year round. White Cap was designed specifically for phosphorus deficient areas of Australia like the North and plays an important role in targeting mineral deficiencies.

To learn more about the Beachport Liquid Minerals supplements and how they could help improve the health and performance of Northern cattle, download our ‘Why Use BLM’ document.

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