Stirling Fearon, Ivanhoe

Tambo, QLD

We have found ongoing advantages with the use of BLM. We firstly started using the White Cap while managing Carlton Hill in the East Kimberley in quite deficient country with (surprisingly to be honest) very positive results. In the first year we started using the White Cap we found that we halved the amount of dry season lick that we would’ve normally put out and the following years in those areas we didn’t use any other supplement other than BLM. Not only was it a monetary saving in loose lick but the cattle visibly held their condition better, conception rates improved and the flow on affect to that was that mortality rates decreased.

Since leaving CPC we have continued to use BLM supplements for our breeders, Green Cap for our weaners and trade cattle. We have seen benefits from all the products we’ve utilised but have found the Green Cap to be an invaluable tool in our business. For our weaners it settles them and takes the stress and weight loss out of weaning, we educate and process them and now have them out of the yards and settled in their paddock in 3-4 days rather than 5-7 days another saving on hay and our time. When we were regularly trading cattle on our block in the Bylong Valley we bought various lines through the saleyards which were then trucked home, boxed in the yards, processed and walked away. We found that by putting them on Green Cap in their trough in the yards for 24 hours they settled well and mobbed up straight away again taking the stress out of the situation and making them easier to handle.

Before we truck any cattle they are put on Green Cap for 48 hrs and this has helped them through the stress of trucking, we have less shrinkage and have minimised the occurrence of dark cutters. As for our breeders we found that as they hold their condition better this has led to improved reconception rates and tighter calving intervals.

We are now in Western QLD and continue to use Green Cap for weaning and trucking and the White Cap for breeders and followers. All our cattle are holding their condition very well considering the season; our cows have just started calving and have plenty of milk so we look forward to seeing another even line of calves hit the ground.

I couldn’t recommend BLM products more and we regularly endorse them to our neighbours and anyone who hasn’t discovered it. When trialling any new product within the business you’re always a little sceptical to start with but the results are evident and speak for themselves.

- Stirling Fearon

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