Keith Skipping

Northcliffe, WA

Keith Skipping owns a calf rearing business in Southern Western Australia and has had exceptional results in his dairy calf raising business from using Beachport Liquid Minerals Blue Cap and Green Cap.

Since using Beachport Liquid Minerals Blue Cap through his automatic milk feeders, his antibiotic and medical bill has dropped 100%. He has found the total health of the calf has changed. “In the best-case scenario dairy calf death rate would be at 7%, this year we have lost none and they just look healthier”.

When it comes to weaning, Keith uses the Green Cap, “It is so less stressful and they are calmer. They rarely complain that they have been weaned off the milk”. He also has noticed the difference in weight gain, “the earliest we were able to sell cattle at the markets was at 14 and a half weeks, since using Beachport Liquid Minerals they fitted the bill early, now we sell them at 10 and a half weeks.”

- Keith Skipping

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