Jim Oliver, JF & CL Oliver Livestock Transport

Middlemount, QLD

I have been carting cattle for over 14 years and haven’t come across a product as effective as Beachport Green Cap.

We have been carting from “Albro Station” North West of Clermont for the past few years and since our clients started using Beachport Green Cap we have noticed a significant change in the cattle. I haul cattle to Bauhinia Downs which is approximately a 500km trip. Before our clients started using the Green cap we were stopping every hour to check on the cattle and get them up. Now since using Green Cap we have cut 2-3 hours off the trip. The cattle are calm and walk off the truck without hassle in single file. I carted 6 decks of boat steers from “Lucky Creek” in Middlemount to Townsville, the whole herd travelled exceptionally well, all calm and all standing. When I arrived in Townsville the cattle had no weight loss at all.

I recommend Beachport to all of my clients and speak very highly of Beachport Liquid Minerals.

- Jim Oliver

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