Jeff Schuller, Iranda Beef

Tintinara, SA Feedlot Operations Manager

We have been using Beachport Liquid Minerals Green Cap product at Iranda Feedlot since around October 2017. The decision to trial the product came about during a period where a large portion of our incoming feeder cattle were being sourced from interstate. These cattle had been exposed to higher levels of stress in their journey to Iranda, which can have detrimental effects on the feed intake, health & overall performance of cattle coming into a feedlot environment.

We found that the inclusion of the BLM Green Cap product administered through the BLM dispenser, in conjunction with our backgrounding and transitioning programs, aided in alleviating the effects normally associated with higher levels of stress immediately prior to feedlot entry. The cattle have shown us increased feed intake during the starter phase and the product has had a benefit on the overall health of these pens of cattle.

We are confident of the benefits of the Beachport Liquid Mineral products and will continue to use them in the management protocols of at-risk feedlot entry cattle.

- Jeff Schuller

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