Jayden Harris – Brimanna Poll Merino Stud

Yeelanna, SA

We’ve had real success with the Green Cap & Black Cap Products. We have a mineral deficient property and we found the sheep are healthier, they seem to keep weight better and just generally do better.

At weaning time, we use BLM Green Cap. It’s a low-stress mix that we have a real success with. It seems to keep the sheep a lot calmer and the lambs mother up better and we’ve had real success with that. Also with the Rams, they recover from the travel a lot better and seem to do better. We sell Rams at 15 months old, so we’re trying to give them the best start to life as we can. We want them to grow as quickly as possible and those minerals seem to keep them healthier they seem to grow quicker. The Rams that we take actually lose a lot of weight when we transport them to shows it's usually between a 5 & 7-hour journey.

The Beachport Liquid Minerals as well as with the electrolytes they seem to recover better. They put the weight back on quicker and it doesn’t seem to stress them out as much.

Because it’s so easy to get into your stock it saves time. Beforehand we were using a product where it was a manual injection, so you can put BLM in the water so it makes it a lot easier and they can come in and drink the water and they’re getting those minerals. Saving time is a big thing in my business, so if I can save time it's money in the bank.

- Jayden Harris

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