Janice Bell, Thangoo Station

Barn Hill, WA

Thangoo Station is situated in the shire of Broome Western Australia and has been owned and operated by my family since 1960. The land system consists of Yeeda (pindan) and Roebuck (tidal coastal plains). Both systems are classed as having moderate pasture potential.

My father came to the Kimberly in the 1950s to promote the value of supplementation of livestock. Over the years we have used a variety of methods to supplement our herd. I have been using BLM for the past 6 months and am extremely satisfied with the results. They have maintained their condition and I have confirmed their mineral levels are adequate with independent blood tests. I find it convenient to use and now have peace of mind that every animal is being supplemented.

Traditionally mineral supplementation in the Kimberly has been cost prohibitive but Beachport Liquid Minerals affordability and the results I have achieved so far, I see myself using this product into the future.

- Janice Bell

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