Ian, Ann & Josh Dries, Heatherleigh

St George, QLD

We first discovered Beachport Liquid Minerals when the season was dry coming out of winter and the feed we had just had no sustenance to it.

Our ewes had been brought in for crutching and the lambs for marking. Once in the yards, we realized we had potentially a full-blown disaster on our hands, with the lambs far too weak to mark and the ewes only just strong enough to get crutched and back into the holding paddock to their little ones.

Looking for a supplement to get our ewes and lambs back on track, our local Elders branch recommended Beachport Liquid Minerals. As we are sure most graziers have done, we looked at it with scepticism. It seemed far too easy and so affordable especially compared to all of the lick blocks we have bought and had to haul out into the paddocks over the years, but try it we did and we are ever so happy with the results for our stock. Within 2 weeks the ewes and lambs had their legs again and were back to health. That was 9 months ago and we have used it on our cattle as well, with fantastic results.

We feel a lot more confident going into the winter frosts, knowing that we have Beachport Liquid Minerals to back us up. Beachport Liquid Minerals for us is an easy, affordable, non-back breaking way to supplement our stock and know that each and every one of them is getting it. Let’s face it, they all have to drink!

- Ian, Ann & Josh Dries

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