Henry Townsend, Townsend Cattle Company

Katherine, NT

Living in Northern Australia for nearly fifty years and growing up with the cattle industry, I have been involved with different supplement trials and used different ones just for our own interest. All at great expense and various results, but probably the hardest part was the physical distribution. Also, did the animals that needed it, get their share?

With Beachport Liquid Minerals if there is no surface water then everyone gets some. Still, the best part is the simplicity of distribution. Just calculate the required amount, measure into 10 or 20-litre container, screw on the simple dispenser and put in tank or trough. After three or four days the liquid minerals will have dispensed into the water, collect the container and you can do other things for a fortnight.

When I first heard the word 'Liquid' my immediate reaction was to be wary as I could imagine expensive medicators, and even a flash picture of dead animals, and all sorts of other worrying things that could possibly go wrong. Not so, the dispenser is so simple and easy to use, it's just that it takes most of us a bit of time to accept that there are a few simple things still available in this fast moving world. Kym is not having a go at you when he is explaining how simple it is. It’s simple and it works - both the dispenser and the minerals.

- Henry Townsend

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