George Legoe

Robe, SA

I run a 350 head self-replacing EU Angus herd near Robe in SA. I was one of the first farms to use BLM when it started in 2006.

I was immediately and have continued to be so impressed by BLM that I have used it continuously for the last 12 years. I have farmed for 40 years in an area of mineral deficiency and have tried a number of alternative products in the past but none have been as good as BLM. It Is very easy to use with BLM Dispensers in the trough, no mustering and yarding animals for treatment.

It is cost effective, I spend $10 per head per year and don’t have to do much else. The health of my livestock is consistently good to the point I have no issues with parasites or other health problems.

I can only recommend BLM as a great product for livestock production. Give it a try and I am sure you will be equally as happy as I am!

- George Legoe

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