Dave Goodwin, Narounyah

Alpha, QLD

We have been using Beachport Liquid Minerals since 2012. We use the Green Cap when sending weaners from our Alpha block to the coastal country at Marlborough. The weaners travel and load well and our truck drivers report that they always travel well throughout the trip.

We feed the White Cap all year round on our background cattle and breeders. It helps keep the rumen functioning well in the dry conditions and once we get our first couple of good falls of rain the cattle pick up condition really quick.

A couple of years ago we purchased steers from the North which were in very poor condition. After getting them off the truck we put them straight out into the paddock with some Beachport in the trough. After bringing them in not long after that, we calculated that they had a weight gain of 0.8kg per day. By using Beachport Liquid Minerals we found that it has helped steady the intake of lick blocks.

We use Beachport Liquid Minerals on our river country block, Narounyah at Alpha and our lease block, Tooloombah at Marlborough and we know it works.

- Dave Goodwin

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