Aliesha Richards, Picardy Station

Dysart, QLD

I have been using the Red Cap supplement for a few months now and the difference in our horses is fantastic! We have mustering horses that are purely paddock fed, they receive no other supplements/feeds other than the Red Cap.

One of our mares is a “scratcher”, and the increase in hair growth on her forelock and the top of her tail since supplementing with Red Cap is quite impressive. We also recently purchased an aged mare for our children to gain some confidence. When she came to us she was quite underweight and had a very dull coat, shocking hooves and a very wiry mane and tail. It only took a month (2 doses) of Red Cap to see the difference in her appearance, and for an aged mare she is now looking better than ever and in great condition for Pony Club this year. You can visibly see how healthy the horse is on the inside by how great they look on the outside, a bit like us humans, if we look after our insides, we look great outside!

The BEST thing about BLM Red Cap is affordability.

I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about the product. I have converted friends to use it, and will happily continue to do so.

- Aliesha Richards

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