Richard & Rachel Maslen, Eudamillah Station

Carnarvon, WA

During the last part of 2010, we attempted to destock due to an extended dry spell. The operation took twice as long as predicted, due to the condition of the cattle. Instead of shifting eight decks per week, we only managed four, as most of them needed that time to brighten up for transport.

We were alerted to the possible benefits of Beachport Liquid Minerals, particularly the "Green Cap" mix and decided to try it. The positive effects were noticeable immediately as to the demeanor of the cattle (although mostly very quiet) and the obvious moisture retention, something that the carriers noticed straight away. While we were cautious about which cattle not to load at first, eventually it would be fair to say that there were about 25% of each load that would not normally be sent. It was a case of damned if you do or damned if you don't, as the benefit of moving them to the country with feed on it, were greater than trying to maintain them on hay, assuming they survived the journey.

We shifted about 870 head which were mainly cows, calves, and heifers. The trip was approx 600km of which about 90% was dirt and never lost or looked like losing a head.

As well as using the "Green Cap" for trucking, we also administered six tanks with the "White Cap" approx six weeks before an unexpected rainfall event and found that the cattle picked up in condition much quicker than expected.

We have no doubt that the products benefited the stock and we will be using it again in the future.

- Richard & Rachel Maslen

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