Clear Sky Performance Horses

Benger, WA

We are a family run horse stud located in south-west WA in Benger. Here we train horses and start horses under saddle. Usually, we have 8-10 clients’ horses on our 30-acre property, as well as having 15-20 of our own horses.
All horses on our property are run on Red Cap with broodmares, young stock, and competition horses all getting Red Cap every 2 weeks. The simplicity and of ease of use of Red Cap means we can apply the product in a way that suits our needs – either in their feed, over the tongue or in the trough. Daily applications required by some other brands of supplements is just not feasible for us. Being able to give the horses the Red Cap liquid supplement at set times and intervals makes it efficient for us to use.

Horses here do well on the Red Cap. We have mares that have foaled in the last 2 weeks and have been on the Red Cap their whole pregnancies. Both mares are 18 years old and each has just produced their ninth foal. They’ve had little hard feeding leading up to their foaling, just basically what is in the paddock and supplemented with Beachport Liquid Minerals’ Red Cap.

This year we are seeing better results in our young stock in terms of growth and condition. They all look a mile better than they have at this point, in other years. To be fair, it wasn’t a good winter so we are really happy with how the Red Cap has held them up.

Our competition horses are handling the travel better and holding their condition throughout the season, which we attribute to the Beachport Liquid Minerals – it really helps keep them calm and keeps their condition on. We are drafting at this time of year and leading into summer we have quite a few warm to hot days. The horses spend a lot of time tied up to the truck at camp drafts, waiting for their runs and then competing. We haven’t found any of them dropping off or getting tired by the Sunday afternoon which is a big thing over a weekend of drafting. If you are going to go all the way to a campdraft you want to make sure your horse will perform, whether it’s first thing on the Saturday morning of a competition or last thing on a Sunday afternoon.

Our horses are doing very well on Beachport Liquid Minerals’ Red Cap.

- Rhys Morrissey

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