Alister McClymont, Burleigh Station

Richmond, QLD

We’ve used Beachport Liquid Minerals for quite a while on the weaners. We started experimenting with it and it seems to do the job for us, it calms the weaners down. I suppose the primary reason is if your cattle are calmer they settle down better in the paddock and handle transition from being taken off their mothers, that’s the major gain for us. If there’s weaners sitting in the yards for 4 or 5 days when you wean them off their mothers, it’s not a problem you can just put it in the dispenser with the drip feeder on top.

There’s another benefit we actually have a property up in the gulf where we radical wean on the second round. We like to get those cattle out of the gulf before the wet season. Prior to using Beachport Liquid Minerals we had quite a problem where we would have to leave them off water overnight, 12 hours, and another 12 hours roughly on the trip down. So 24 hours off water, it was kicking them about a lot because we load them in pretty big numbers. We did have a few stress problems and since we’ve been using Beachport Liquid Minerals we’re not having the problems we used to have. They handle the transition a lot better. I’ve done the costings and it’s under 30 cents, it's well worth its value. We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t worth its money. There’s no product that really does what it does.

- Alister McClymont

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