High Magnesium

Help combat grass tetany

Beachport Liquid Minerals introduced a high magnesium mix as part of our Prescription Mixes due to the demand for a product to aid in increasing Magnesium levels in livestock to help combat grass tetany and milk fever.

This product contains all the trace elements, amino acid and electrolytes that are in our other BLM products but with the alteration of increased Magnesium levels.

Use BLM High Magnesium mix as a tool in your grass tetany prevention plan.

Benefits of High Mag

  • Application flexibility – can be used in water supply, mixed with feed or given orally.
  • Includes trace elements with high magnesium for times when grass tetany is most prevalent.
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein).
  • Natural electrolytes for increased absorption and retention.
  • Kelp / Seagrass extract with over 90 different natural nutrients are included for overall health.
  • 3-year shelf life.

Application Methods

All BLM products have several application methods, designed for ease of use and flexibility to suit your program. The simplest most effective method for the High Magnesium product is via the water trough using our BLM Dispenser, but it can be also used via a water tank, mixed with hay or through an inline system. See below for further information on each application method.


  • Work out how many stock on water point: e.g. 200 breeders x 25mls = 5Ltrs. (Treat 3 weekly to keep Magnesium levels elevated)
  • Measure 5lts of Beachport into a clean, empty 10ltr drum.
  • Screw the BLM Dispenser tightly onto the top of the drum.
  • Ensure the trough has been cleaned thoroughly prior to placing the floating drum and dispenser into the water to prevent the inlet on the dispenser blocking when water is being sucked back into the drum.
  • Drop the drum with dispenser into the trough, it will automatically right itself into the correct position with the stainless steel dispenser under water.
  • Let the drum move freely around the trough, the stock will not knock it out.
  • Leave the drum dispensing in the trough for at least three days then return and empty the water left in drum into trough (may be a weak tea colour) and take drum and dispenser to another trough or back to the shed – Jobs Done!
  • Then in 3 weeks, repeat the process.

BLM’s best method of application is via the water supply using the stainless steel Beachport Liquid Minerals Dispenser in the water trough. It simply screws into the top of a 5, 10 or 20 ltr drum. (BLM Empty Dispenser Drums available if you need spare drums).

Drum must NOT be completely filled (i.e. 20 ltrs in a 20 ltr drum). There has to be air pressure in the drum for the dispenser to work correctly over its 3 day dispensing period.

Why:  When you look at the dispenser it has an inlet and an outlet that are constantly under water in the trough so the air in the drum is trapped. For every ml of Beachport that escapes through the outlet over the 3 days a ml of water is sucked back in through the inlet keeping the air pressure constant.  So if you put 15 ltrs of Beachport in a 20 ltr drum 3 days later Beachport will be replaced by 15 ltrs of water due to the water pressure in the drum.

Note: Ensure at least half the drum contains product or a combination of BLM & water, to ensure flow rates are not affected.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances can BLM products be mixed with other products in the water supply at the same time. This includes UREA.

  • Calculate the amount of product needed based on the number of stock being supplied by the tank.
  • Pour the required amount directly into the tank. DO NOT turn off tank, let it fill as normal.
  • BLM should not be put in a tank with excessive sediment present.

Note: If multiple tanks in line ensure closest tank to stock is dosed.

  • Dose amounts remain the same (25mls per head for an adult dose).
  • You can pour the correct dose amount directly into the tank but ensure that the tank does not overflow. Ensure the header tank to be treated has NO leaks.
  • DO NOT turn tank supply off risking stock running out of water. Water flow is essential to allow the BLM Product to suspend in the water and clouds on movement to outlet.
  • Mix the required amount of product with a volume of water that is sufficient enough to be able to evenly pour onto the hay that’s been fed out.
  • Add an extra 10% of product to allow for wastage.
  • Dose over 3 applications, NOT one.

Strongly recommend 2 applications 3 weeks apart with an inline system turned up to the maximum for 3 days (time it takes to get it through the system as soon as possible). Turn off after the 3 days.

Key times of use

The BLM High Magnesium product is to be used as a preventative not a cure.

Be proactive at times that grass tetany and milk fever are traditionally prevalent.

NOTE: It is recommended that frequency is every 3 weeks and at half of the normal dose of other BLM products. Refer dose rates for further instructions.

Target Analysis

Every batch of Beachport Liquid Minerals product has an individual analysis by a NATA accredited Laboratory available. The table below are the target analysis results.

Essential ElementsTarget ResultUnit

This product also contains fulvic acid & kelp/seagrass extract.

Use High Mag as a precaution before high risk seasonal conditions when there is a threat of grass tetany. Use every 3 weeks through this period until adequate pasture.

BLM High Magnesium is a tool to use in your grass tetany prevention program. Using the High Mag product may help prevent grass tetany, but it will not cure / treat grass tetany if the animal is already showing clinical signs.

BLM is a feed conversion tool, this means that animals are able to utilise anything that is going down their throats more efficiently. For example: If you were to put urea in the water at the same time as BLM you will find that the Urea will become 60% more available. This can be quite dangerous as urea can poison stock. If you use copper blocks for algae treatment, take them out prior to putting in the BLM. Once the BLM is out of the trough (4-5 days) you can put the blocks back in the trough. Once again the copper will become more available and may poison the stock. You can use BLM in conjunction with licks and block (containing urea) just not in the water at the same time.

Steve McCourt, Le Wonga Salers Moorak, SA

B.L.M. works hand in hand with our management strategies to maximise the potential of our cattle.

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