Beachport Liquid Minerals no longer recommends orally dosing with other products

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Beachport Liquid Minerals has always been focused on the health and well-being of livestock throughout Australia. For the past 12 years that our products have been on the market we’ve always recommended water medication as our primary focus of application. Pouring on feed and mixing with feed are two other options for dosing with Beachport Liquid Minerals when water medication isn’t a viable option.

Previously we’ve allowed orally dosing of our products with other products if a compatibility test is done by doing a jar test. Due to new age drenches and unknown changes with other orally dosed products we cannot predict the effects when mixed with our products, therefore we no longer recommend mixing our products with others when orally dosing your livestock.

Why change now?

Here at Beachport Liquid Minerals we are extremely proud of our Quality Assurance and the reputation our products have earnt throughout Australia. We have recently been notified by animal health professionals that there is possibly an incompatibility issue between new generation worm drenches and our Beachport Liquid Minerals products.

View our video from the CEO of Beachport Liquid Minerals explaining the change.

With livestock being our key concern, we are now advising all clients to no longer orally dose Beachport within 24 hours with any other orally dosed product. While we completely understand our own products, we do not understand and know the makeup of other new orally dosed products, nor any changes to other drenches in the foreseeable future. We would rather be on the side of caution than the side of any risk to livestock.

Livestock health is, and always will be, our primary focus and concern.

It has been the belief of this company that keeping livestock out of the yards is the best way to improve production and lower stress and labour costs. Our clients’ results in increased production of both sheep and cattle all over Australia with water medication, or applying to hay or grain, is proof we are heading in the right direction.

Beachport Liquid Minerals was created out of a need for an innovative way to supplement livestock and we continue to stand by this. Our products have not changed nor has our commitment to ensure we put our clients and their livestock first at all times.